Partnering with a legal intake call center comes with a variety of benefits. From lead loss prevention to higher conversion rates, outsourcing legal intake can improve your law firm’s bottom line substantially while creating more time in your workweek.

For a legal professional, there is never enough time in the day. The reason lawyers are often pressed for time is they try to give their best while doing a variety of tasks simultaneously. Failing to outsource at least some of these tasks leads to wasted time, as well as missed calls and neglected web inquiries, in turn affecting your law firm’s reputation and profitability.

A legal intake call center specializes in responding to, capturing and converting potential legal clients. Meanwhile, your team can focus on revenue-generating activities instead of sifting through potentially useless leads.

Ways Legal Intake Call Centers Save Time

When you choose to work with a legal answering service, you can start saving time in many ways. At the end of the day, your team can complete more tasks involving existing clients without having to focus on new client intake activities.

Call Services

By partnering with a legal intake call center, you can take advantage of high-quality call services that save you time by:

  • Working 24/7/365 — You don’t need to struggle to find time to answer the phone. Legal intake specialists can do this for you around the clock, whether it’s for overflow during the day, after-hours, on weekends, holidays, or all the time. It’s up to you!
  • Responding quickly — It’s easy to lose leads by not picking up the phone quickly; you need to be ready to stop whatever you are doing at the moment to speak with a potential client. This could mean disrupting important tasks and losing time in the process. Intake specialists can respond for you; they answer the phone within three rings, every time.

Intake Services

Your law firm can add more hours to the workweek since intake service specialists:

  • Respond to web forms — Checking your website to respond to web form inquiries is time-consuming. Sometimes, it’s simply impossible because you are out of the office. Intake specialists can respond to web leads on your behalf, within three to five minutes of coming in.
  • Push data to your CRM/CMS — Intake specialists can push lead information, records and other important data directly into your database CRM or Case Management System. This saves your team from having to key in leads manually.
  • Create reports — The key to a successful legal marketing campaign is timely analytics. Yet, gathering data and creating reports to improve the campaign’s ROI is often time-consuming and challenging. By delegating data collection, analytics, and reporting, you save your team time while improving the campaign’s efficiency.

Retainer Services    

Top-notch retainer services save you time by delivering newly signed contracts to your law firm and pushing the information directly into your system. You don’t have to do anything until the client has a signed retainer. Here are some unique features:

  • Smart Lead Tracking — Some leads take multiple points of communication to convert into clients. This process takes time, diligence, and organization. Legal intake call centers use a system that can automatically recognize what stage each lead is in and instantly interface with the next available specialist.
  • Resurrecting dead leads — All you need to do is send the call center your dead leads lists; they will import the lists into their system and then go to work making outbound calls on your firm’s behalf to reengage dead leads.
  • Welcome email — You can create a personalized welcome message for your new clients. The call center will automatically send it out via text and email to new clients within a predetermined time frame. This retainer service helps to streamline the process, giving you a seamless transition into new client relationships.

Minimizing Opportunity Costs

By partnering with a legal intake call center, you can save time for your legal team and minimize opportunity costs in the process. You don’t need to choose between spending time on intake and working with clients. With a legal intake call center, you can do both.

Not all call centers are made alike. To differentiate between sub-par and best-in-class, download our eBook, “Top 10 Questions for Law Firms to Ask When Hiring a Call Center.”