• 24/7 New Client Intake.

    Creating a streamlined new client intake process can be one of the essential foundations for building an effective practice. Working with a new client only to find out that they were expecting to speak with a family law attorney when you focus on personal injury is not a good use of anyone’s time. In order to establish a positive relationship from the start, an efficient, streamlined intake process is key. The intake conversation will typically be the first example of how your firm works with clients and can set a precedent for their initial impression. It is important to communicate clearly and establish your law firm as a leading professional in the legal field.

    At Alert Communications, our intake specialists work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to cover all of your new client screening needs. Our legal intake specialists will ask the right questions to determine if the caller is qualified for your services or should be referred elsewhere or rejected. Some of the tasks our legal intake contract service representatives will help with include:

    -Screening all calls to verify potential new clients

    -Following your firm’s customized protocol intake process

    -Asking a set of predetermined questions to qualify new clients

    -Communicating your firm’s business practices and philosophy

    -Passing verified client information on to the designated person at your firm

    Prior to establishing the intake process for your specific firm, we will meet with you to review your current intake form and discuss your preferred method of receiving information about verified clients. At Alert Communication, our goal is to simplify the new client intake process and to make sure there is always someone available to speak with potential clients. We customize each client intake conversation based on your qualifiers. Once a potential client is qualified, we send you the information via text message, email, or phone call. It couldn’t be easier. Let us handle this piece of the process, so you don’t have to!

  • We will handle large television marketing campaigns 24/7.

    A marketing campaign can be a game changer for your business. Many law firms are starting to research the power of television marketing and will spend time and resources planning out the perfectly targeted campaign. Does this sound like a lot of work and effort? Luckily, Alert Communications can handle taking calls from clients that respond to your television marketing campaign 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Partnering with Alert Communications gives you an automatic jump on your competition. Large legal marketing firms can be selective when taking on new clients, but you’ll be able to skip the meet and greet process and dive right into an effective marketing campaign. We work with some of the largest law and legal marketing advertising companies in the country and have strong connections to help place your targeted content.

    Once your marketing campaign is running, Alert Communications streamlines the intake process and makes connecting with your firm’s marketing goals our top priority. The experienced staff at our bilingual legal answering service is available to answer incoming calls 24/7, so there is always someone available to discuss your legal services with potential clients. We understand how to manage large campaigns to maximize the value for your business.

    Initiating a large television marketing campaign is a significant investment, and you want to be confident that your money is well spent. When you work with Alert Communications, there is always someone working on your behalf. If someone can’t sleep at 2 am and sees an ad for your legal firm on television, will a person on your team be able to take their call? If not, you need a dedicated legal receptionist who will be available at all times.

  • Web form submission response – Outbound calling.

    While television and print ads are an effective way to reach a large audience, people are not always willing to make a phone call. Sometimes it’s easier to reach out in a more anonymous forum, directly through a law firm’s website. Many firms rely on their website leads to generate new business. Between meeting with clients, handling various cases, spending time in court, and allotting some time for yourself, following up on incoming web form submission leads often falls off to the wayside. A delayed response to web traffic can cost you valuable business. At the same time, it can be expensive and time-consuming to hire someone or allocate a team member specifically to follow up on this potential new business.

    At Alert Communications, we can go one step beyond answering inbound calls. Our always on call legal answering service has the capacity to handle web inquiry traffic as well. Your designated legal receptionist at Alert Communications will make outbound calls to your website leads. It’s a simple and straightforward process. Your firm copies us on web leads so that we can make a call to the prospective client within 3-5 minutes of receiving a new contact alert. From there, we will introduce ourselves as a representative of your firm and complete the intake process as if it were an inbound call.

    If your firm is planning a large marketing campaign, don’t let important web leads slip by unnoticed. Your time is valuable and should not be tied up making outbound calls to potential new clients. We can help! The intake specialists at Alert Communications can save you time and help you qualify new web leads with our 24/7 legal call center services. Contact us to see how a web form submission response team can complete the perfect circle when it comes to your marketing needs.

  • Offline Media Tort Response.

    A media tort can bring in a substantial amount of business for your law firm. This is an opportunity to connect with a large group of people and ideally make a positive impact while promoting your firm’s services. Although a television advertising campaign regarding a media tort can run 24/7, you won’t always be available to respond to incoming inquiries. These cases are incredibly valuable, and you don’t want to miss connecting with potential clients simply because you can’t get to the phone in time. Alert Communications can help to make sure you never miss another prospective client message again. When you’re managing a media tort, cover all of your bases by hiring a legal conversion center to handle the overflow calls.

    At Alert Communications, our always on call legal answering service is available 24/7/365. We will support your firm with the following services:

    -Live answer calls in three rings or less – you can feel confident knowing that there will always be someone to respond to incoming inquiries from potential new clients.

    -Bilingual support – connect with the Hispanic population in your area. Alert Communications employs a large staff of bilingual legal receptionists.

    -Track calls – gain valuable insights on your client base.

    -Schedule follow up calls – we help by scheduling any necessary follow up calls to prospective clients.

    -Text contracts with digital signature option – save time and move forward with business faster by allowing us to offer a digital signature option on contracts.

    When you’re in the middle of a large case that requires your time and dedication, let Alert Communications provide call center support so that you don’t miss valuable opportunities for new business.

  • Online Lead Response.

    A missed call is a missed opportunity to connect with a potential new client. The same can be said for a delayed response to an online inquiry about your services. You’re working hard to promote your firm. You’ve done everything right so far – your website is appealing, current, and provides a complete overview of your services. You’ve got a live chat option available to encourage web traffic to communicate with your firm directly as soon as they click on your site. There are multiple ways that prospective clients can reach out for more information about your legal services. Now it’s up to you to respond. This last piece of the puzzle is perhaps the most important. Still, the reality is that sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to reach out to every single incoming lead. Delayed response time can hurt your business. In order to ensure you’ve always got an experienced legal receptionist on call to connect with inbound leads, the Alert Communications 24/7 live call legal answering service is here to support you!

    Representatives at our bilingual legal call service are available to answer live calls in three rings or less. We will also respond to online leads via web contact form, chat box, email, or text with an outbound chat or call to prospective clients. After we connect with these online leads, we’ll go through your designated intake prescreening process to verify the viability of a new potential client. We can pass these qualified leads on to you by your preferred method of communications – a voicemail, text message, or email. Contact Alert Communications today to learn more about how we can help manage all of your online leads and ensure your clients get the best possible service from the start!

  • Reports.

    Information is power. How tapped into your firm’s analytics are you? Do you perform a daily review of all of the different metrics available? Do you know what time of the day web traffic is highest? Are you keyed into why a marketing campaign works or doesn’t? Understanding the information that is available to you is an essential piece to expanding your reach to potential new clients. That said, sorting through all of this information can be a full-time job on its own. While you don’t want this valuable information to go undiscovered, sometimes it’s just not possible to set aside the time to look at the daily and weekly metrics. Alert Communications can help with our targeted reporting options!

    We can provide your firm with several dozen types of call and marketing reports. Use this information to create targeted and effective advertising campaigns in the future. Alert Communications has the ability to send a number of reports.

    Don’t slide by without truly understanding how the metrics impact your marketing efforts. Contact Alert Communications to learn more about how we can help your advertising plan with specific reporting options!