Can your law firm immediately respond to all calls from high volume TV, radio ads or web leads 24/7/365? Do you have the technical capabilities to efficiently collect digital signatures and e-sign via text or email for your mass tort retainers, fee agreements or contracts? Can you e-sign clients on the initial call without having to break contact? Are your intake specialists able to record, track, follow up and chase web leads? Do you have a system to immediately call back, text or email calls that have been lost or dropped? Will your intake specialists track, follow up and chase sent but not signed retainers, fee agreements or contracts for qualified leads? Can your team effectively respond and communicate by phone, text & email for all leads? Do you have detailed, mass tort lead reporting?

There are many factors to optimize mass tort or class action marketing campaigns and their conversions. Alert Communications knows every lead and client is critical and will help stop the shopping process for your law firm and have answers and solutions to all these questions. We respond and capture all leads for your law firm efficiently using our highly trained intake specialists, proprietary software, systems & solutions and do this 24/7/365 in both English and Spanish.

  • Initial Response with Experts

    Alert has an immediate live-call response, under three rings, with expertly trained mass tort Intake Specialists who build client rapport and trust through active listening skills, along with proper use of empathy, psychology and call control. We also train in the understanding of tort and legal terminologies to build client confidence in your law firm to create a superb and professional initial potential new client experience.

  • Stop the Shopping

    While running a mass tort campaign, your main goal is to sign all qualified leads immediately once the intake process is complete. Alert does this by texting your contract and retainer for e-sign on the same call. If text is not an option, we can also email the contract and fee agreement for e-sign on the same call. Lastly, if text or email is not an option, we can FedEx your contract and retainer agreement. Alert can send medical and HIPAA forms for e-sign if needed since we are HIPAA compliant.

  • Optimized Intake

    Calls – We have processed millions of legal intakes and are recognized as the very best mass tort intake conversion experts within the legal industry. Calls are live-answered in under three rings, 24/7/365 or off-hours, weekends and holidays. Dropped/disconnected calls are immediately called back using caller ID systems. Completed intakes are emailed immediately to one or more emails within your law firm while pushing this data directly into your CRM or case management software.

    Web Leads – When web leads come from your website, we call them back immediately and, if you prefer, more than once until we reach them. We can do this with any old lead list you may have. We use automation in addition to live calls and send texts and emails for web leads with customized messages to make sure we reach and convert every lead possible into a client. Alert responds to chat leads with immediate outbound calls or live transfers as necessary.

  • Integrations

    We have a full team of programmers to handle integrations. Whether it’s any marketing, mass tort or class action campaign we can take calls or web leads and transfer them to your CRM/CMS seamlessly. Alert sets up all necessary and associated call-forwarding protocols and API integrations for web lead and programming. We also provide advanced programming and integrations for your CRM or case management software to push your lead contact data, intake scripts and signed contracts directly into your systems. Lastly, we integrate and sync with your calendar to schedule appointments on your behalf.

  • We Help You Prepare for Disasters

    Calls and Leads are answered at all times, even when your law firm is shut down or you cannot staff internally due to a catastrophe or disaster. To protect your marketing campaign investment, don’t let snow, earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes or any other disasters keep you from responding to your web leads and phone calls promptly. We are here to support and respond to all of your leads when you cannot. We are also fully prepared for disaster with a full-site power back-up for 50,000 square feet as well as for triple telecom carrier back-up and redundancy.