Disaster Preparedness – Plan to Stay in Business

How often do you think about potential disasters that could disrupt the business at your law firm? Probably not too often since you are constantly working on today’s problems. How quickly your law firm can get back to business after… Read More

Training the Right Intake Specialist for Your Law Firm

So, you’ve hired an intake specialist for your law firm. They seem to meet deadlines well enough, have exceptional communication skills and are well organized. But, do they have empathy when taking those calls? If you followed our guide to… Read More

Hiring the Right Intake Specialist for Your Law Firm

When hiring an intake specialist for your law firm, what are some of the traits you are looking for when hiring this person? Maybe you are looking for someone with exceptional communication skills since they will be on the phone… Read More

Saving Versus Investing: Is One Better Than the Other?

Depending on who you ask, everyone will have a different opinion on whether saving or investing is the better route to go for your business. Saving money is taking the money you earn and placing it in a safe and… Read More

Convert Callers and Ditch Voicemail Already

With communications constantly evolving, it’s no wonder voicemail is going the way of the dinosaurs. Using whatever means necessary to communicate with clients is always a number one priority for any law firm.  Do you call? Text? Email? There are… Read More

Empathy vs. Sympathy – Alert Communications

It’s a common misconception that empathy and sympathy are one in the same. While they convey the general idea of comforting another person, there are important differences. The person answering your law firm’s phone – often taking calls from emotional… Read More

How to Improve Your Appointment Scheduling

One of the major complaints from law firms that use professional services is conflicts and surprises in appointment scheduling. Poor scheduling does not just put a halt to your potential client intake; it also makes your business look bad in… Read More

Four Attributes of Good Customer Service

If your business does not offer good customer service, people will hear about it. In today’s always-connected world, a confusing phone call or rude interaction can become a viral sensation within minutes. Your customers talk about your customer service, both… Read More

How Legal Intake Call Centers Help Lawyers Convey a Professional Image

Increase your credibility without increasing your staff when you employ a Legal Intake Call Center to field your law firm’s phone calls. Even if you only have a few dedicated employees in your office, an off-site Legal Intake Call Center… Read More

Questions to Ask When Processing Leads for Your Law Firm

An intake call center can help you manage those ringing phones and control the information passed along to your office. Not every call you receive is a viable lead, and sorting through potential leads can become a time-consuming process. That’s… Read More

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