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47% Increase in Cases Opened

The Numbers are striking. We switched to Alert Communications in April 2014 and since then we have seen an increase in “cases opened” in the amount of 47%. The biggest help has been in getting competent and quick help with Spanish-speaking callers. All of their services are so much better than we had before. We are just simply very grateful for what Alert Communications does for us. Walter Clark Walter Clark Legal Group

I’m Impressed

I have used Alert Communications for over a year. When I compare my calls to intakes I’m impressed. The Intake Specialists and Client Services staff are responsive/caring/confident and most importantly trustworthy. They have exceeded my expectations by ALWAYS being able to answer my calls and take care of web submissions. If I have a problem they have a solution. Marc Whitehead Marc Whitehead & Associates

I Trust Alert Communications

I don’t want to deal with the headache of how my business is getting to me, I just want to make sure that business is coming in and that my clients are being taken care of. I trust Alert Communications whole heartedly and highly recommend them! Eddie Romano Pasternack Tilker Ziegler Walsh Stanton & Romano, LLP
I know business is increasing because Alert Communications receptionists schedule consults for me when I'm not in the office. I don't have to give my cell-phone number to anyone and that saves me a lot of time. I highly recommend Alert Communications' services. Donald Bell, Law Office of Donald L. Bell, LLC
  • Markhoff & Mittman, P.C.


    “Like any business owner, after using Alert Communications for a while I wanted to know was it really worth it – outsourcing answering calls is a daunting task when I thought about it and I hate to give up that control. However, looking at some numbers actually made me wonder how I could use Alert even more! I recently looked at one particular quarter. We close our office from 12-1 for lunch every day. During that time if a person selects that they are a new case caller it goes to Alert to be answered so we don’t miss the call. What I found was pretty darn impressive. Of the 67 calls that went to Alert during the lunch hour we received 67 emails (with only five not having left a message). And of the 67 calls we RETAINED 48 of those cases! Can you imagine what would have happened if callers had to leave a message during that time – how many would we have called back, how many would we have converted. The fact that a live person spoke with our potential clients and then we got back to them and were able to convert clearly shows me that Alert has significant value and you can greatly improve your business by using them!”

    Brian Mittman

  • Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty & Proctor, P.A.

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    “Our firm has worked with Alert for over a year and we’re nothing but pleased with the quality of service we receive. Their attention to detail, their ability to accommodate our needs and the level of customer service is unmatched. If your firm is looking for a high quality intake call center, I would recommend Alert Communications.”

    M. Robert Blanchard

  • Ken Hardison – PILMMA


    “Alert Communications is a first-class operation. Every law firm should use their after-hours call center. If you don’t, you are missing new cases! Alert Communications’ service will pay for itself tenfold! They understand how to treat injured callers on the first contact – which is essential.”

    Ken Hardison

  • Marcari, Russotto, Spencer & Balaban, P.C.


    “Our Intakes with Alert Communications have increased without additional advertising since switching over from another service. Signups through Alert Communications are above 90%. We’ve been so pleased; we never refer to them with our clients as “Our answering service.” We, with our clients and staff, refer to the Alert Communications staff as our “After hours receptionists.” Alert Communications IS a part of our law firm.”

    Tony Brabham

  • The Law Office of Janet Lawson


    “I frequently recommend Alert Communications services to anyone looking to reduce expenses and grow their practice.”

    Janet Lawson

  • Jim Adler & Associates


    “A key aspect in getting new clients requires a quick response to my web leads. Based on my personal experience and that of my team, I would highly recommend Alert Communications.”

    Dona Hinton – Intake Department Manager

  • Law Offices of John T. Orcutt, PC


    I am thrilled with Alert Communications. Finally, we have an elegant solution to not missing calls and especially “first-time” calls that come in at night or on the weekend. Using Alert Communications’ services, we probably set at least 1 extra first-time appointment per day, appointments that we would otherwise have lost. In addition, using Alert Communications enhances our reputation for good customer service. Making the decision to hire Alert Communications to handle our “off business hours” calls was perhaps the best decision I have made in the last year. Lastly, I was really impressed with a couple of things: First, the obviously established nature of Alert Communications’ business. Second, the fact that Alert Communications programmed into their system the very same script we use for setting appointments. I recommend Alert Communications for any debtor bankruptcy attorney who strives to take his or her business to the next level.”

    John Orcutt

  • Fonfrias Law Group


    “I am so happy to have Alert Communications helping me. Everyone is professional and effective. My clients like the way calls are handled, and someone is always available for translation whenever I need it. Alert communications is indispensable!”

    Richard Fonfrias

  • The Law Offices of Mickey Fine


    “Alert Communications has been a pleasant surprise. They made good on all their promises. Their Intake Representatives have done a great job and they are very accommodating to our specific needs. I’m glad I found them.”

    Mickey Fine

  • Law Office of Donald L. Bell, LLC

    Donald Bell

    “I know business is increasing because Alert Communications receptionists schedule consults for me when I’m not in the office. I don’t have to give my cell-phone number to anyone and that saves me a lot of time. I highly recommend Alert Communication’s services.”

    Donald Bell

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