An In-Depth Explanation About Data Security and How to Protect Your Firm From Emerging Cyber Threats

From phone systems and calendar scheduling to case management software and reporting tools, law firms use technology every day to efficiently serve their clients. Unfortunately, without proper use of these online tools, firms can easily become susceptible to cybersecurity attack.

In the process of using network and web-based technologies, firms store an enormous amount of sensitive client data requiring confidentiality and privacy. The same is true of working with a third-party vendor, such as a legal call center. Legal call centers store and manage your clients’ private information on their end. It is your responsibility to ensure this personal information is protected from the evolving cybersecurity threats continually surfacing on the digital landscape.

Even small and medium-sized firms in the legal industry are susceptible to data breaches, fraud and cybersecurity attacks – maybe more so than larger firms. Hackers search for “low-hanging fruit” and take advantage of the lax cybersecurity approach that often plagues smaller companies because of their limited resources. Unfortunately, many companies don’t prioritize data security until it’s too late and their business data is already compromised.

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