Contract Services

If your leads come in by phone, chat, web form, email or text our experienced Intake Specialists can take your leads from “Contact-2-Contract”. Our Contract Services has 4D Lead Tracking to ensure a smooth experience for your potential clients. Retainer contracts are sent out to your leads conveniently and efficiently through text, email or regular mail. Automatic features for following up and retrieving additional documents makes tracking, notifying and contacting your leads easy and convenient. You don’t do anything until we deliver the newly signed contract and client to your law firm!

  • 4D Lead Tracking

    This advanced system will automatically recognize what stage your lead is in and instantly interface with the next available Specialist. Our task routing feature will direct Specialists to reach out to potential clients via call, SMS/Text or email based on your preferred schedule making contact with leads timely and consistent.

  • Welcome Email

    Once your new client is signed up with your firm our system can send an email and SMS/Text automatically welcoming them to your law firm. This gives the new client acknowledgment of contract completion and engagement, a preview your firm professionalism, and a note of your appreciation and acknowledgment leaving them with a sense of comfort of being in the right hands.

  • Transparency Reporting

    Need monthly, weekly or daily reporting and want us to customize the data and availability and access for you? No problem at all and we will accommodate your wishes with many different system reports.

  • Call Time/Frequency Scheduling/Maximums

    Calling leads right after they have called and left a message is difficult for any law firm. We have all the tools necessary to call those leads back on your behalf with call timing and frequency scheduling. How often would you like us to call the lead back? Are there specific times you want them to be called? Is there a limit or maximum amount of calls we should make? We can do it all automatically and by our system tracking.

  • Security and HIPAA

    We have no conflicts of interest since we are NOT owned by a marketing/advertising company or a lawyer or law firm. We are also HIPAA compliant. We also redundantly secure, protect and safely backup your leads and client data on our servers and not with some third party or out of country. All of our staff are under one roof and our our actual employees. All your leads and clients are safe with Alert.

  • Resurrect Dead Leads Lists

    Give us your Dead Leads List and we will import them into our system and then go to work making outbound calls. Our skilled and trained Specialists will engage these potential clients, identifying qualified leads and turning over signed contracts to you!

  • Total Customization

    Do you like to customize your services? We do too! Below you will find the most common items customized by our clients.


    • Intakes

    • Spanish/English Retainers

    • Texting/Emailing PNC Reminders

    • Scheduling Follow-Up Calls

    • Voicemail Dropbox

    • Follow-Up Calls at PNC’s Request


    Don’t see what you want customized? Just ask!

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