Immediate response, 24/7/365, to all leads from a variety of marketing campaigns whether it’s by phone, web form, chat, email or text. Experienced Intake Specialists can take your leads from initial contact to an e-signed contract without breaking contact. Alert’s Retainer & Contract Services uses a proprietary Lead Tracking experience to ensure a smooth transition as a new potential client. Retainer contracts and HIPAA forms are sent out to your leads conveniently and efficiently through text, email for e-sign or FedEx for a wet signature.  Automatic features for lead follow up, chase and retrieval of unsigned contracts use outbound calls, texts and emails to increase mass tort conversions and is all tracked for all leads.  You don’t do anything until we deliver the newly signed contract and client to your law firm and push this directly into your CRM or Case Management System!

  • Smart Lead Tracking

    Maintaining an updated pipeline of client leads is essential to growing the business of your firm. The effort it takes to promote your services and create a solid list of potential new clients is just the start. Once you have reached your target audience and have started receiving calls from people who are interested in learning more about your services, it is up to your team to manage a callback. Some leads take multiple points of communication to convert into clients. This process takes time, diligence, and organization. If your firm doesn’t have the resources to manage each stage of the pipeline, consider working with the legal call center at Alert Communications.

    At Alert Communications, we have an advanced Smart Lead Tracking system that can automatically recognize what stage your lead is in and instantly interface with the next available call center specialist. By working with this unique system, we effectively pick up the conversation at the appropriate point with each potential new client. This helps your leads to feel like they are receiving personalized attention before even becoming a client, and can improve your conversion rate dramatically. Allow us to do the background work managing your leads so you can focus on continuing to provide your current clients with exceptional service.

    Our task routing feature will direct a specialist from the Alert Communications to reach out to potential clients via a phone call, SMS/text, or email. This outreach is based on your preferred method and schedule. Retainer contracts are sent out to your leads conveniently through our intake services. Automatic features designed for following up on and retrieving additional documents makes the entire tracking process seamless.

    Knowing that your new leads will be attended to in a timely and consistent manner will help you to relax and feel confident that this piece of your business is being taken care of by a professional legal service call center provider. The best part is that we will handle this entire process, so you won’t need to do anything until we deliver the newly signed contract and client to your law firm!

  • Welcome Email

    You’ve probably heard the saying “your best client is the one you already have.” Once you’ve gone through the work of marketing your firm, reaching out to your target audience, and vetting new clients through a customized intake process, you want to be sure that your efforts result in a lasting relationship. Likewise, a new client will be watching to see how often you communicate and what your level of attention is in the first few days. Take this time to build confidence and trust with your new clients by setting up an automatic welcome email. This first line of communication accomplishes three important tasks.

    -It gives your new client acknowledgment of their contract completion and engagement.

    -It offers a preview of your firm’s professionalism and quick response time.

    -A welcome email acts as a note of appreciation and leaves your client with a sense of comfort, solidifying their decision to work with your firm.

    At Alert Communications, our attorney contract services allow you to create a personalized welcome message for your new clients. We will automatically send this out via text and email to new clients within a pre-determined time frame. We help to streamline the process, giving you a seamless transition into this new client relationship. Our legal intake services allow you to edit the text of your welcome message whenever you’d like. Let us manage this essential piece of your new client communication so that you can trust that your relationship is off to a strong start.

  • Transparency Reporting

    Do you have an insight on key analytics regarding your firm? Are your firm’s marketing decisions data-driven? How do you determine a target audience for new campaigns? These important questions can be answered with frequent transparency reporting.

    Scheduling a day and time to run reports, review the data, and analyze the results can feel time-consuming and overwhelming. The contract services offered by Alert Communications allow you to set up a reporting system that is automatic and customized to your firm’s needs. We will take care of the reporting process so that you can focus on providing the best service for all of your clients. At Alert Communications, we offer:

    -Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting options – stay up to date with customized reports that provide valuable insight on your client roster and firm success rate.

    -Decide what information you receive – there’s no reason to sort through a list of data only to search for the exact information you’re looking for. Our customized reports allow you to decide what information is valuable and what information you don’t need to review. You’ll have the option to change the data points you receive whenever you like.

    -Receive information in the format that works for you – we have the ability to send reports in a variety of different formats so you can determine which is the best fit for your firm.

    Transparency reporting is one of the biggest advantages your firm has when it comes to creating new marketing campaigns and deciding how to best serve your clients. These tools are available for you to utilize, and Alert Communications will help deliver them whenever you like, and in the format that works best for you. Don’t let this valuable information go unnoticed. Our legal support services allow easy delivery and customized metrics to help guide your firm towards targeted new business opportunities.

  • Call Time/Frequency Scheduling/Maximums

    The first interaction with a new lead sets the standard of how your firm interacts with their clients. Prospective clients are looking for knowledgeable legal service that will handle their case effectively, but they are typically also focused on finding a law firm that focuses on client engagement and communication. Calling a lead back right after they have left a message can be difficult for any law firm. There are only a certain number of hours in the day, and it is easy to put off making a call when you are busy managing your current caseload.

    Although it might not seem urgent to pick up the phone, a delayed call back can hurt your chances of converting a lead into new business. This is where Alert Communications can help! Let us manage the entire process of calling back your leads so that you can be confident your potential new business is receiving excellent customer service from the very start.

    We have the resources to help with the following steps of the callback process:

    -Call timing. Are there specific times that you’d like to call a lead? Our legal call service can work within a pre-determined time block. Just let us know when you’d like us to get on the phone and we will schedule calls accordingly.

     -Frequency scheduling. Sometimes we’ll return a message from a potential new client who is unable to take the call at that particular time. It can take multiple attempts to actually connect, and tracking these attempts can take up valuable time in your day. With the automatic response scheduling at Alert Communications, you can decide how often you’d like to reach out to your leads. We will take it from there!

     -Response maximums. At some point, we know it’s best to take a time out and pause calling. You know your clients and your firm, so it makes sense that you would want to indicate the appropriate number of calls to potential leads. Tell us your maximum number of responses, and we will make sure to put a limit on the callbacks.

     Establish your firm as a client-focused service from the very start with the help of Alert Communications call center services.

  • Security and HIPAA

    As you build your business, it is important to recognize the areas where your clients could benefit from extra support. Once you identify tasks or processes that should be outsourced to save time on your side, it can be difficult to trust that a partner company is as dedicated to the success of your law firm as you are. At Alert Communications, we understand that our clients trust us to protect the reputation of their law firms, and we take that responsibility seriously.

    Part of the relationship that we build with our partners involves complete transparency. We believe it is important to bring up questions before they are asked. It’s part of how we support our partners and make sure they understand what we do with the information they provide us.

    Here is what you should know about Alert Communications:

    -We redundantly secure, protect, and safely backup data. Your client data and your leads are protected at Alert Communications. We routinely back up your client data on our servers, which are located in-house. We never outsource information to a third-party, so we have complete control and sole access to this data.

    -All of our work is done in-house. We don’t send work out to a third-party service. Our staff works under one roof, and we closely manage our team of employees. We provide continuous training to current employees and have a rigid vetting process for new hires.

    -We have zero conflicts of interest. Since we are an independent company that isn’t owned by a marketing agency, a lawyer, or a law firm you don’t have to worry about your campaigns being influenced by other advertisers or outside sources.

    -We are HIPAA compliant. This means all personal client data you send us is protected by a standard that is set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

    Contact us today to learn more about how Alert Communications can provide legal call center support to meet the needs of your growing law firm!

  • Resurrect Dead Leads Lists

    At some point, you’ve probably set aside a group of leads and classified them as uninterested in your services. For one reason or another, they went cold before your firm was able to convert them into a signed client. Maybe they were confused by the services you offer, maybe they weren’t sure how your firm could help them, or maybe they were never available at the time that someone attempted to call them. Regardless of the reason, once the file is closed on these dead leads, they are typically out of sight and out of mind. When you are busy working with current clients and managing incoming calls, it can be easy to walk away from unresponsive potential clients and redirect your efforts towards actions that seem to drive results.

    At Alert Communications, we want to give those potential clients another chance. Let the specialists at our legal call center take it from here. All you need to do is send us your dead leads lists, and we can handle the rest. We will import these lists into our system and then go to work making outbound calls. Our skilled and trained specialists will work to:

    -Engage these potential clients – we have the time and resources to schedule a call at a time that works for your potential new clients. Don’t reschedule your day around one phone call – let us do the legwork and bring you new business.

    -Identify qualified leads – it’s beneficial to have a screening process in place to identify leads that need the services you offer. We can help to design a process that quickly qualifies leads to save everyone time.

    -Turn over signed contracts – Our “Contract-2-Contract” service ensures a smooth experience for your potential clients. Let us handle everything from the initial phone call through the retainer contract.

    There’s no risk in reaching out to a dead lead, but your time is valuable and dedicating hours on the phone is not in the best interest of your business. Let us take over your dead leads list and convert these forgotten leads into new clients!

  • Total Customization

    Every business model is a little bit different; we know that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to building a law firm and communicating your specific business practices. After you’ve invested time and resources to build the face of your business, it is important for your clients to feel like your services are easily accessible and personalized to meet their needs. How you manage incoming leads can make all of the difference when you are attempting to build or maintain a successful business. For this reason, you want to be able to clearly communicate the services you offer. The legal call center at Alert Communications can help connect you with your potential clients in a timely manner. Let us take care of the follow up so you can stay focused on working through your current caseload.

    Common items that our clients opt to customize include:

    -Spanish/English retainers

    -Creating an intake process that is specialized for your firm

    -Scheduling follow up calls

    -Setting up a voicemail dropbox

    -Sending an email or text PNC reminder

    You know your clientele better than anyone, so you should be the one to determine what services you provide to best meet their needs. At Alert Communications, we offer our clients a range of services so that you can decide which are most valuable to your business. Complete customization allows you to build the type of customer service offerings that make the most sense for your firm and your clients. Call us today to learn more about how we can customize a service that is designed specifically for your firm. We are continually re-evaluating the services we offer, so if you feel your firm could benefit from something new, please let us know!