What Does It Take to Successfully Outsource Your Legal Client Intake? 

Listen to our recorded webinar to learn about the importance of a quality intake system and how outsourcing client intake can help save you time and money while increasing your retainers.

After watching, you will walk away knowing the following:

  • The cost of losing legal leads and how to stop losing them
  • Whether it’s time to evaluate your firm’s legal intake process and where to start
  • The real difference between internal intake vs. outsourced intake
  • What it takes to have a well-oiled and efficient intake system
  •  How to convert leads on initial contact
  • How to put an end to client shopping and get more retainers
  • How to optimize your marketing spend and stop wasting money
  • How to grow as a law firm through superior legal client intake


Tom Ball, Senior Vice President of Business Development, has been with Alert Communications since 2017.

Tom Ball oversees the Sales & Marketing strategy and teams for Alert Communications. With sales and marketing experience in a variety of roles and industries, Tom has a wealth of knowledge in what helps a business grow. Whether he is growing our business with marketing automation efforts and online content or growing your business with intake and contract services, Tom delivers long-term, sustainable business solutions.