What can you do to improve your client intake process?

If you own or manage a law firm, you’re aware of the importance of having an efficient and effective client intake system. From helping to close leads to setting the tone for client relationships, a commitment to client intake improves productivity and lays the foundation for more satisfied clients.

So what can you do to improve your client intake process? It all comes down to understanding how your own processes stack up against best practices. You need to identify specific areas of strength and weakness while taking corrective action when necessary.

To that end, we’ve developed this comprehensive and user-friendly “scorecard.” Its goal? To give personal injury law firms, like yours, a quick “snapshot” of their current intake process. It breaks down the process into seven key individual areas and uses an intuitive 1-5 scaled scoring system, with 1 being never or very poorly and 5 being always or exceptionally (depending on the context of the statement) – and then everything in between.

At the end you can use this scoring to further analyze and evaluate your current processes and systems, as well as determine how you can prioritize your opportunities for improvement and begin building an action plan.

While our team is always available to talk with you, we have created this scorecard to help you better evaluate yourself.

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