If your law firm specializes in mass tort lawsuits, a mass tort answering service can provide 24/7 live chat and call assistance to your firm’s clientele. 

In this type of litigation, each plaintiff is treated as an individual (unlike in a class action case, where all of the plaintiffs are treated as one entity, or ‘class’). As such, law offices handling mass tort cases must speak with a large number of people regarding specific legal questions and proceedings.

Since these cases often involve a large number of leads, it can be difficult for each individual to feel heard throughout the proceedings. That’s where an answering service can be useful. In this guide, we’ll explore how a mass tort answering service can provide support to plaintiffs and law firms alike.

What Exactly Does A Mass Tort Answering Service Do?

A mass tort answering service helps handle the communications for a law office working with mass tort cases, but what exactly does that consist of?

Generally, a mass tort answering system does the following:

  • Answers calls from clients, potential clients, and leads 24/7/365 One of the most important aspects of handling a mass tort litigation is being able to follow every lead and find as many mass tort plaintiffs as possible. As such, tracking leads and picking up the phone at any time of the day to intake new plaintiffs is an important feature of a mass tort answering service.
  • Live transfer and call routing – If a plaintiff calls with a question or an emergency that needs to be addressed, an attorney live answering service can forward calls to your law firm or inform the plaintiff of who to contact or where to send calls. This allows law firms to stay on top of the mass tort lawsuits. 
  • Integrates with a firm’s CRM/CMS – In addition to facilitating calls, an answering service can also manage customer relationship management software (CRM) and content management systems (CMS) to input and access important information pertaining to mass tort cases to streamline your law firm’s operations. 
  • Reports analytics – When intaking clients and facilitating mass tort communications, there is often a large amount of data to input into your firm’s records. An answering service’s legal intake specialists help to input the number of incoming and outgoing calls, record response and duration times, and make lead notes. This data can then be used to analyze marketing campaign performance and grow revenue. 

How Can A Mass Tort Answering Service Benefit Individual Plaintiffs?

While the ultimate goal of any legal case is to win in court, there is a certain amount of care that a law firm must take to make the experience comfortable for clients. 

A mass tort answering service can help to streamline legal procedures and communicate with plaintiffs who may have questions or information about the proceedings. To that end, a mass tort answering service can:

  • Provide comfort by answering the phone at all times – Often clients lead busy lives and cannot tend to their cases during regular business hours. Other times the seriousness of a case hits the client in the evening or late at night and they want to take immediate action. 24/7/365 customer service can help these clients feel heard and taken care of.
  • Allow clients to get the help that they need from the comfort of their homes – Sometimes going into an office is an intimidating experience. A truly great mass tort answering service, as well as various other online legal services can eliminate this struggle by asking all of the important questions and making smart notes so that the law office has everything that they need to process a client’s specific situation within the mass tort case.
  • Always speak with empathy – The situations that bring people to file in a mass tort case are often painful and difficult. The legal world can be quite stiff and utilize specific language—and while that specificity is important to the case, a good mass tort answering service will always respond to the client with empathy and do their best to make the legal experience clear and comfortable.

Ready To Try A Mass Tort Answering Service? Try Alert.

If your office is experiencing an overwhelming number of mass tort phone calls, it may be time to reach out for communication support and work with a legal call center

At Alert, our highly trained support agents can answer your phones, ask the right questions, and take detailed notes to convert leads into clients. We also track metrics and integrate CRM and CMS technology to optimize your firm’s operations. 

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