Law firm martech solutions to improve client retention in 2023

A recent article published by the American Bar Association detailed numerous law firm tech tools that transformed legal practices in 2022.1 Here are four legal tech tools attorneys should explore to strengthen their operations and increase return on investment.

Law firm technology that can elevate your return-on-investment

  1. Experiment with different types of cloud-based law firm technology

If you aren’t investing in cloud-based technology, you are one step behind your competitors. A 2022 study by researchers from Bloomberg Law interviewed nearly 200 attorneys regarding their team’s legal technology. Out of these attorneys, 62 percent utilized cloud-based storage. 2 The lawyers claim web-based technology improves their productivity and helps meet client demands.  If you currently invest in cloud-based technology, you may want to assess how well it works and evaluate other options to ensure you maximize available resources.

  1. Get a legal live chat assistant to capture leads

According to the ABA article mentioned above, “live chat interfaces and chatbots are an affordable and practical way for law firms to provide potential clients with information.” Offering live chat assistants to website visitors ensures you capture leads faster and get more bookings. It is helpful to rely on a chat service that has helped lawyers specifically, such as Alert Communications. We capture web leads within minutes and provide bilingual chat assistants to answer questions.

  1. Work with a trustworthy website builder to improve conversion

Is an outdated website design or broken contact form why you aren’t converting leads? If your website is not user-friendly, you will likely drive away potential business. You should prioritize making your site easily accessible and straightforward to navigate. Consider working with a web design service that can integrate chat tools, optimize content and build a unique site template.

  1. Explore remote virtual receptionist services for your law firm

The author of the ABA article assigned virtual receptionists as one of the top legal tech tools to “ease overload and reduce the administrative burden [that] solo and small firm lawyers face.”1 With heavy client workloads and the closure of physical office locations, attorneys and their staff may find it difficult to answer every call immediately.  Virtual legal receptionists manage appointments, take messages and upload documents, freeing up legal staff to focus on other important matters.

Hire trained legal receptionists for your live chat, text and call answering services

Investing in communication tools can build trust and loyalty between you and existing clients. Alert Communications has provided legal call answering and scheduling to hundreds of law firms throughout the country. We integrate with your existing client management system and provide you with live reporting and analytics. Potential and existing clients can book appointments via chat, text or call. Once our receptionists gather the necessary information, bookings are made on your behalf and sent straight to your phone. We offer bilingual services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Alert Communications to learn more about our law firm virtual receptionists

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