Many law firms are already using electronic signatures, also known as e-sign, to make it easier for customers to sign and submit contracts and paperwork. Since 2000, it has been a legitimate method for businesses to streamline their contract signing process.

A lot of law firms aren’t using e-sign to its full capacity. Without proper optimization, the benefits of this system are limited. Here’s how your firm can reach successful optimization of e-sign and reap the numerous benefits.

Optimization Increases Conversion Rates and Productivity

When you successfully optimize your use of electronic signatures, you will notice substantial improvements across your firm, both in terms of overall productivity and the number of leads you are able to convert.

Productivity Optimization

Productivity optimization occurs when you integrate the proper software and workflows.

Your e-sign solution should integrate seamlessly with your CRM or CMS system. There should be no clunky connections or need to manually transfer data to use electronic signatures effectively. Taking away these time-consuming factors will naturally boost productivity.

Your employees must be able to utilize e-sign without complication. A complex system can slow down productivity, making it difficult for your staff to keep up with the work they have to complete each day. When you optimize e-sign by training employees how to use it with ease, you can improve productivity across the office.

You need to be able to access electronic documents effortlessly. When clients sign with your firm, it’s important to be able to look back and see their intake paperwork as well as any specific information they’ve provided to your firm – including those vital electronic documents. If you cannot easily access your electronically-signed documents from your CRM or CMS system, it will slow down your business.

Conversion Optimization

For conversion optimization, aim to make the most of your e-sign solution during the intake process. It’s important to have a dedicated and trained intake specialist (or a whole team) at your firm to answer calls and respond to web leads. Experienced intake specialists can take your leads from initial contact to an e-signed contract without breaking contact on the very first call. If your firm isn’t equipped with a team of specialists, consider partnering with a legal call center to act as an extension of your law firm and help you boost conversion rates with e-sign.

Additionally, tracking down signatures can cause a lot of unnecessary headaches, hurting your overall conversion optimization. If you can’t obtain your clients’ signatures, you can’t finish converting them, leading to a bottleneck that prevents you from getting started on their case. E-sign helps eliminate friction in the conversion process from lead to client. Without optimization, however, you will find your productivity and conversion rates start to drop.

Alert Makes the Most of E-Sign

If you’re ready to optimize e-sign but don’t have the resources in place to do it, feel free to contact us. We’ll happily optimize e-sign for you as part of our retainer services so you can boost both productivity and conversion rates at your law firm.