Businesses lose over 60 billion dollars a year because of a common flaw: poor customer service.

No matter what industry you’re in, customer service is vital to converting leads, turning them into paying clients, and maintaining a healthy and loyal client base.

In a competitive legal market, you pay a high premium to get customers to contact your office. If you lose them on the first contact, all of your advertising and marketing efforts go down the drain.

This could be due to an overabundance of calls and a shortage of bandwidth, lack of training, or simply bad legal phone etiquette—all leading to poor customer service on your law firm’s end.

If you find that your firm is overwhelmed with incoming calls and web inquiries, as well as the task of hiring and training employees to handle the influx, don’t stress. This “problem” is easily solved. Not to mention, it’s a great one to have.

If any of the four problems outlined below reflect obstacles you face at your law firm, it’s time to tackle them with the support of intake conversion experts—the perfect way to improve customer service and ultimately capture and convert more leads.

Your In-House Team is Overwhelmed

On a day-to-day basis, your legal team is most likely busy handling important work to serve existing clients. They can’t be expected to handle new client inquiries and provide top-notch customer service at the same time.

We get most offices work on a tight budget, especially newly-launched firms. However, while you might not have the budget for hiring and training new staff, you still need someone to field all the calls and web leads coming in—someone who can provide superb customer service promptly. This is vital to capturing leads and turning them into paying clients.

Since incoming inquiries can consist of simple questions, like the kinds of cases you specialize in or where your office is located, they can easily be handled by an intake conversion expert.

Intake conversion experts are trained in basic customer service functions, this kind of service can make your customers comfortable while alleviating pressure on your in-house team.

You Are Constantly Relying on Voicemail

If you’re sending a handful of customers to voicemail per day, or even just one, you’re providing poor overall customer service.

No one likes being sent to voicemail or an automated message. This is especially the case in the legal realm when often potential clients are seeking support after serious accidents and injuries.

While you can’t afford to staff your office 24/7/365, intake conversion experts allow your attorney services to remain available all the time at an affordable cost.

If you’re still on the edge, keep in mind that most callers aren’t leaving voicemails at all because they think they may not get heard. For every voicemail you do receive, there could be two to four (now ex-) potential clients who left no message at all—leads that are now lost forever.

Intake conversion experts can help you steer clear of voicemail and capture these clients before they give up and move on.

Your Staff is Making Mistakes

When you and your team provide attorney services to clients, they expect your complete attention and a distraction-free environment. Depending on the services you offer, you could be listening to some of the most sensitive or traumatic stories of their lives.

Not giving these potential clients the attention they are looking for can change their perception of your firm and easily turn them off. They’ll see the firm as distracted, disinterested and non-invested.

This gives you an air of unprofessionalism and negligence—not a good look when it comes to the goal of converting clients.

Handing over your firm’s incoming inquiries allows your staff to handle only the most important calls. Intake conversion experts can handle the rest with superb customer service to convert more leads.

You’re Not Capturing and Closing Leads

If you’re paying attention to your law firm’s online metrics, website visit rates, and how promotions are doing, you know your firm’s overall impact.

If you know you are generating a steady stream of leads that seem promising, you should be able to predict how to close them. If that closing rate doesn’t match the kind of leads you are receiving, you could be losing business because of your phone strategy and customer service.

An office that’s difficult to contact or always too busy to answer calls and web leads will undermine your efforts to generate more leads, nurture them, and convert them into paying clients.

A lead not closed is wasted time and money put into marketing efforts; intake conversion experts can help.

Benefit from Intake Conversion Experts

The legal market is competitive, but a quality service can give you the edge over your competition.

Alert Communications has intake conversion experts ready to help you improve customer service at your law firm, so you can capture every lead that comes your way!