A lawyer’s job is almost never done. From sunrise to sunset, you dedicate your time to advising clients, writing briefs, negotiating contracts, and more. As you reach the day’s end, there’s hardly enough time to tackle those other items on your to-do list, like following up with missed phone calls or analyzing the data set from your latest marketing campaign. 

Even with your sharp eye for detail and knack for asking the right questions, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. 

That’s where online attorney services can lend a hand. From managing live chat and text services to fielding any common legal question, let’s take a closer look at how your firm can flourish while freeing up some space on your task list.

#1 Live Chat and Text Services

Each of your clients may prefer a particular mode of communication over the other. For some, it may be easier to communicate remotely while others may prefer frequent, in-person meetings. So, how can you give all your clients the tailored experience they desire? 

Try online legal services. It offers remote options such as:

  • 24/7 customer service even during holidays and weekends
  • Live chat options available on your website
  • Text messaging so clients can be reached anytime and anywhere

This way, clients can communicate via whatever avenue best fits their lifestyle and their personal preferences. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate these features seamlessly into your everyday operations. 

#2 Data Tracking and Analysis 

A phone call or live chat interaction with a current or prospective client is more than just a conversation. It’s a small piece of information that, when compared with a larger data set, can give valuable insight into your business’s current operations to help you provide better legal assistance. When you use online legal services you can track the specifics, including:

  • Calls received
  • Outbound calls placed
  • Call duration
  • Call outcomes
  • Web chat response times

Law firms with a growth-driven mindset will use this information to their advantage. With the reports and analytics you receive from legal intake or mass tort answering service specialists, as a business owner, you can use the data to shape future marketing campaigns or adjust your overall approach to client communication. 

#3 Web Form Management

Perhaps your firm has recently invested in a website makeover. Now, your site has an eye-catching design, an easy-to-navigate interface, and features legal forms that allows users to initiate conversations and provide legal assistance with the click of a button. 

But what happens when web form inquiries are left unanswered or with considerable delays in response time? 

That prospective client who came to your website in hopes of relieving a legal problem or have a legal matter to fix may choose to direct their attention to whichever firm is able to address their legal needs first. With the right online legal services, you can employ a team of intake service specialists to capture those leads within minutes, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed. 

#4 Virtual Assistants 

As a local lawyer, there are so many aspects of the job you have to juggle at once. Why not outsource certain tasks and duties to a virtual assistant? And no, we don’t mean an AI-powered machine. We mean a real-life, empathetic human who understands the nuances of your practice—from family law to medical malpractice—and can answer any legal question or request your client has. 

Your virtual assistant should:

  • Answer calls and communicate with clients through live chat and text
  • Screen potential clients
  • Maintain and organized legal documents and detailed records of the client’s personal information
  • Make decisions based on verified trends and data

Employing the best online legal service doesn’t mean you lose that human touch. Instead, it gives your law firm the opportunity to outsource small tasks so you can focus on fighting for your clients. 

Why Use Online Legal Services

Online legal services are there to take some of the weight off your hefty to-do list. Today’s technology makes it easier for law firms to grow their business and improve their client’s customer experience. 

Here’s how tech integration such as online legal services helps set your law firm apart from the rest:

  • Increased efficiency – Law firms that updated their internal processes were more organized and efficient—especially when using tech such as client intake and CRM (Client Relationship Management) software. 
  • Improved customer service – Online technology is far more than efficient—it’s an integral part of positive customer experiences. Plus, when your attorneys are able to shift their focus from administrative tasks to the demands of client cases, it could help you and those who you provide legal representation for to tally another win in the courtroom.

Re-Prioritize Your Time with Alert

With so much to do and so little time to do it, let us help you cross some tasks off the list. At Alert, our online legal call center services support your law firm in every aspect of your business.

We provide a highly-trained team of legal specialists who can manage everything from  incoming and outbound calls to mass tort and class action campaigns. Plus, when work obligations keep you out of the office, we guarantee every call is answered so your clients always feel taken care of. 

With over 5,000 active customers and more than 100 million calls answered, Alert is the trusted legal service provider your law firm has been searching for. 

For a customized approach to client communication, choose Alert. 


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