The SmartAdvocate User Group Conference is taking place June 18-19 this year. Planning on attending? We hope to see you there! We’re happy to answer your questions about legal answering services.

What is a Legal Answering Service?

A legal answering service for lawyers can:

  1. Act as a Law Firm Receptionist—A legal answering service acts as a virtual extension of a law firm. It responds to any potential clients who reach out via phone, chat, web form, email or text. This includes answering frequently asked questions to free up valuable time so attorneys can focus on practicing law.
  2. Take the Client Intake Load Off —An answering service can handle a firm’s entire intake operation, or just overflow, after-hours, weekends or holidays —whatever works best for that particular practice. This way, attorneys can focus solely on current clients’ needs while the answering service’s intake specialists respond to inquiries and qualify leads.
  3. Capture Leads & Sign Retainer Contracts — A top-notch legal answering service can do much more than answer calls and perform intake. With experienced and highly-trained intake specialists, the service can even send out contracts on initial contact, capturing leads for you and sending newly-signed clients your way.
  4. Sync With Your CRM/CMS Systems—The answering service can push potential new clients’ information directly into your database, so you don’t have to worry about data entry. The service should be able to integrate with whatever database system you already use at your firm — another huge time-saver!
  5. Optimize Any Marketing Efforts — If you decide to spend your precious time and (lots of) money on a marketing campaign, no matter the scale, you want to ensure all leads are captured so your efforts aren’t wasted. An answering service for lawyers can help you with all of your call, intake and retainer contract services.

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