At Alert Communications, we understand that large law firms often have specific needs that are particular to their practice and that it can be challenging to find a package of services to fit those needs. One of the benefits of working with Alert Communications is that we have the ability to mix and match any of our services in order to create a solution that is right for your practice.

Perhaps you could benefit from advanced reporting and a legal receptionist on call at all times and have less of a need for appointment setting. Or maybe you looking to make your services more accessible for the Spanish speaking population in your area. Whatever your needs, we can work to accommodate our services to provide you with the support you require.

We’ve provided a number of large, nationally-recognized law firms with the auxiliary support they need to allow them to focus on what they do best – providing counsel and representation to their clients. Don’t let the details get in the way of your work. Let us take care of the support side so that you can put your energy where it’s most valuable – practicing law.

Contact us today to learn more about the available options! Some of our popular services for large law firms are listed below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, let us know!

  • We will act as an overflow and after-hours resource to your firm’s in-house call center.

    A new client will build an impression of your firm based on their very first interaction. If they are automatically directed to a voicemail or are unable to speak with a knowledgeable person, they might not feel confident that your firm is equipped to handle their needs. For this reason, it is essential to find a solution that allows current and potential clients to connect with someone when they make that call. Alert Communications can help with this! Our overflow and after-hours legal call center services are available to support your clients at all times.

    At Alert Communications, we can help to supplement your coverage so that you don’t have to worry about missing a call that could turn into a client. We can help you set up delay call forwarding, which allows new client calls to come to your team first. If no one is available, and the call isn’t answered in a predetermined number of rings, it will roll over to our legal support team. We will help:

    -Answer the call on behalf of your firm

    -Complete the client intake

    -Email, text, or directly connect the client information to anyone you chose at your firm.

    After-Hours: Many large law firms have their own internal intake staff, but few law firms retain their own staff 24/7/365. Typically, the law firm closes for the night and resumes business in the morning. While this is standard in the industry, you never know when a client will need to reach someone at your office – and failing to make that immediate connection may result in a client with a high-value case looking elsewhere.

    When your team goes home for the evening, you can count on Alert Communications to pick up seamlessly where they left off. We will make sure you never miss a new client call. It’s simple – just forward your advertising lines to us at any time. Our legal intake services team will follow your protocol to communicate with clients while you’re on vacation, out of the office, or after hours, ensuring that you can connect with the clients seeking your services.

  • We will handle large television marketing campaigns 24/7.

    Connecting directly with your potential clients can be incredibly impactful for your law firm. Reaching a large group of people with a meaningful and carefully constructed marketing campaign is one of the best ways to grow your business and establish your firm as a leader in your area. Having a legal receptionist on-call and available at all times to answer incoming calls from potential clients is an essential piece of any marketing campaign – especially when you’re running ads 24/7.

    Creating a campaign, managing the incoming calls, designating someone to consistently be on-call to go through the intake process, and welcoming new clients is often more than any large law firm wants to deal with. Let us help to support your marketing campaigns while you do the important work of running your firm and working for your client’s interests.

    We understand the effort and financial commitment behind every marketing campaign, and we realize that many potential clients will make a snap judgment based on their first conversation with someone from your firm. Don’t risk losing valuable business just because a call goes to voicemail! At Alert Communications, we will help to handle your firm’s large television marketing campaigns by offering 24/7 support. Our large law firm call center can manage everything from taking incoming calls through delivering qualified leads.

    We work with some of the largest law and legal marketing & advertising firms in the country, and understand how important it is to connect directly with potential new clients. Regardless of if you’re running a television, newspaper, or online marketing campaign – we have the resources and capacity to help! All of our support is done completely in-house at Alert Communications’ 30,000 square foot call center. We never outsource this work, and we have complete control over the incoming call and intake process. We have over 150 seats and are ready to take your calls. Contact us today to learn more about how Alert Communications can handle all of your marketing campaign needs!

  • Web form submission response – Outbound calling.

    Most large law firms utilize their website as a tool meant to inform potential clients about the different services they offer. This is a medium that most people are comfortable with – a place that they can read client testimonials, learn more about your firm’s philosophy, and research your practice areas to see if you offer the type of legal services they need. In fact, many of your potential clients will closely review your website before deciding whether or not to contact your firm. For this reason, it is important to make your online contact form easily accessible.

    It is common to direct new clients to a website contact form where they can send a request to schedule a consultation or ask for more information about your firm. Once someone reaches out via your website contact form, what is your response process? Are you able to get back to them right away or does it take you more than a few hours to respond? Do you have a designated person who reviews all of the contact forms to determine viable leads? Having one person to stay on top of the website leads can be a challenge, even for large firms. This is especially true when you’re running a large marketing campaign. Slow response time can cost you valuable business, and passing on unqualified leads isn’t the best use of anyone’s time.

    Alert Communications provides seamless service when it comes to both web form submission response and outbound calling. The process is simple and easy.

    -Your firm copies us on web leads.

    -We will make outbound calls to these website leads.

    -We make these calls within three to five minutes of receiving a lead, ensuring that each potential client receives a quick response. This first interaction helps to set the precedent that your firm is focused on client success.

    -During these calls, we will announce ourselves as a representative of your firm and complete the intake process as if it were an inbound call!

    Working with Alert Communications will ensure that your potential leads receive a quick response from a knowledgeable legal receptionist from the very start. Don’t let these valuable leads go unattended! We are here to support all of your website submission leads with outgoing calls.

  • E-Retainer execution.

    When you’re running a busy law firm, any piece of the client intake process that can be outsourced will save you time and money. Between managing a marketing campaign, allocating your firm’s resources to accommodate an influx of incoming calls, running through a customized intake process, sending and following up on an electronic client retainer agreement – it can be challenging to focus on the actual work of advocating for your current clients. When you’re running a successful law firm, it’s essential to recognize the areas that can be outsourced to maximize your time and efforts where they are most needed.

    At Alert Communications, we know that your time is valuable. Let us take one piece of this process off your desk so that you can direct your energy towards the important task of helping your clients work through their legal issues. Some of the benefits of working with Alert Communications include:

    -If your firm has an e-retainer through DocuSign or eSign, we can email this electronic client retainer agreement on your firm’s behalf.

    -The e-retainer will be emailed from your firm’s email account, but it will be sent by Alert Communications. This way your clients will see that the e-retainer is sent directly from your firm.

    -After the e-retainer is emailed, we will then stay on the line with the caller until the entire process is complete.

    -Once the retainer is sent and the call has ended, we will pass this information on to your firm so that you can follow up with your new client.

    -Want to change a part of the process? That’s no problem at all! We can customize the intake process however you choose.

    Establishing an attorney-client relationship with an e-retainer is an important part of the intake process. If you are looking for support with this step, it is essential to work with a professional company who understands how to accomplish this task. The benefit of working with Alert Communications is that we have a team at our legal call center who is available 24/7/365. Never miss another valuable opportunity to gain a new client – call us today to learn more about our complete service packages. We are dedicated to the success of your firm and want to make sure you have the support you need to achieve your goals!

  • Appointment scheduling.

    Maintaining a current and accurate calendar of client appointments is crucial to the organization and reputation of your large law firm. Many law firms opt to keep track of all appointments through an online calendar. This can be shared within the office, linked to your phone, and accessible wherever you are. In fact, the more accessible you are, the more time it can seem like you’re spending sorting through meetings, court dates, client consultations, and so on. If your firm is at the point where appointment setting takes up a large part of an employee’s day, it might be time to consider some other options.

    Outsourcing the task of appointment setting can make a huge difference for your law firm. This is especially true when your firm is running a large marketing campaign, trying to keep up with inbound leads, and attempting to work on multiple client cases at the same time. Alert Communications can help!

    If your firm has an online calendar, we can schedule both consultations and appointments for you and your team. Decide how you’d like to receive these notifications – as a text, call, email, or simply by checking your online calendar. We can integrate the appointment setting process into your firms’ current intake and client management process. At Alert Communications, we offer:

    -The service of a 24/7/365 legal call center – we are available at all times to speak with both prospective and current clients. We can schedule appointments and integrate these into your online calendar.

    -Bilingual services – many of our staff members at Alert Communications speak both Spanish and English. We are prepared to set appointments for those who prefer to speak Spanish as well.

    -Immediate response time – would you like a live legal receptionist to be on call to answer inbound client calls at all times? We can do that! Or would you rather review client messages and have someone make an outbound return call? That’s an option too! Just let us know how you’d like to customize your process and we can help you achieve this.

    Learn more about Alert Communications services and how appointment scheduling can benefit your large law firm. Call us today!

  • Spanish language support.

    Many large law firms are looking to expand their reach and will run advertising campaigns that target the Hispanic population in their area. Connecting with a large group of Spanish-speakers can be incredibly beneficial for your firm and significantly increase your potential client base. Working with the Hispanic population can help extend your reach into the community and establish your firm as a go-to legal source for those who speak Spanish as a primary language.

    When your firm creates a marketing campaign that is directed towards the Hispanic population, it is essential to make sure that you are set up with the correct support to respond to incoming calls and inquiries. A quick response time is key to establishing a positive first impression with potential clients, and connecting with Spanish-speakers in their language from the start will make this first experience even stronger. If you don’t have a dedicated bilingual legal receptionist or someone who can respond to every new Spanish-speaking lead within a short period, Alert Communications can help!

    Many large law firms find that working with Alert Communications can help to solve the initial communication barrier. We understand the importance of speaking with new leads in their native language. Imagine that you need legal help, but are too intimidated to seek it because of a language gap. We can solve this problem and establish your large law firm as a legal leader for the Hispanic community in your area. A large portion of our intake staff is bilingual, and we can provide the support your firm needs. Call Alert Communications today to learn more about our:

    -Bilingual legal call center services – our bilingual team can communicate directly with those incoming leads who prefer to speak Spanish.

    -24/7 legal receptionist – we will always have someone available to answer incoming calls for your firm.

    -Customized intake services – we will go through your specific intake process with new leads so the transition is totally seamless!

    If you’ve been hesitating to put together a large marketing campaign directed to the Hispanic population in your area, there’s no reason to delay! Alert Communications can manage the entire process of communicating directly with your potential Spanish-speaking clients. Let us help you expand your business today!

  • CRM/CMS import.

    Many large law firms use CRM or CMS software to manage large quantities of data. Having all of your client information in one place is incredibly useful. Importing records, lead status, and client e-retainers to one system helps large law firms keep track of a vast amount of information. On the other hand, managing this data can take up an incredible amount of your firm’s resources.

    Updating, tracking, and monitoring your client relationship software should be effortless. At Alert Communications, we realize that large law firms can benefit from handing off this task to a professional contract services company. Information is one of your most valuable assets, don’t risk missing a client intake form or e-retainer just because you don’t have the resources to manage your CRM software. Let us help take this off your plate so you can be confident these large batches of information are processed correctly.

    If your staff is struggling to find the time it takes to manage a large amount of data through a CRM/CEM it is in your best interest to explore other options. At Alert Communications we have relationships with most client management software companies that cater to the legal industry. This adaptability allows us the ability to:

    -Send CSV files with intake data that import directly into your system

    -Send scheduled CSV batch files that contain information on multiple new clients at one time, allowing you to review a large group of clients at once.

    -Post this information directly into your system, requiring minimal or no effort from your firm.

    We understand the importance of data management and maintaining updated client records. Let us take care of your client management software so that you can focus on the important task of running a successful law firm and interacting with your clients. We have the ability and expertise to provide the data management support you need.

    Alert Communications can integrate with any software system.  Alert integrates with:

    Don’t see the software that your firm uses? No worries! Alert can work with any software. Contact us for more details: 1-844-MY-INTAKE.

  • Delivery of firm’s email thank you and snail mail delivery of welcome packs.

    The way that your firm connects with current and prospective clients can have a tremendous impact on building long-term relationships and repeat business. Prospective leads will gauge their comfort level and ultimately, determine if they want to retain your services based on their first several interactions. We know that offering prompt, helpful, informative, and friendly service is essential to securing lasting client relationships. But what extra steps do you take to make your potential and current clients feel like their legal issues will be given top attention?

    At Alert Communications, many of our large firm clients ask us to:

    -Send a personalized “thank you” note to potential new clients after speaking with them. This could be a simple email that just says “thank you for talking to us and taking the time to learn more about our firm.” A follow-up message can go a long way to communicate how much you value every potential client. Alert Communications can send these notes directly from your firm’s email address. By sending a thank you note, your prospective clients know that they are already being taken care of before they even fully sign on with your firm. This helps build trust and understanding that can evolve into a lasting relationship.

    -Send “snail mail” welcome packets to new clients. Although most of our communication is done online these days, for many, there is something comforting about receive a package of information in the mail. Many people like to keep paper records while they are working through a legal case, and sending a complete packet of information about your firm and the services you offer is a nice touch. Your firm can send us these packets and we will mail them to the qualified prospects and new clients that you choose. Please note that additional costs apply.

    There are many competent large law firms for people to choose from, and ultimately, the small details can make a huge difference. Alert Communications can help you stay in touch with your clients by sending out thank you emails and welcome packets. Call us today to learn more about how our customizable services can help support your law firm needs!

  • Reports.

    Information is a powerful tool that can help to direct business decisions, influence advertising campaigns, and ultimately, inform you on how to best serve your clients. Although it might seem time-consuming to sort through and review all of the data that is available, these metrics can prove to be incredibly useful, especially when delivered in an easy, concise, and targeted format.

    Many large law firms find that creating a recurring report for each data point, managing those reports, and reviewing the information on a regular basis simply takes too much time out of their day. This is a valid assertion, as your time is best spent serving your clients and working to support your business. Luckily, there is an easy solution! You really can have it all – let us take over the tedious part of the reporting process and deliver you the results that are customized to your specific law firm.

    Alert Communications can provide you with a variety of marketing and call reports so that you can make informed business decisions. We offer:

    -Abandoned call reports

    -Hold time reports

    -Call data by number or geographic locations

    -Time of day reports

    -Case and sub-case-type reports

    Your firm can benefit from targeted reports that are customized to match your individual business needs. Review the information as frequently as you like. There is always the option to adjust the reporting after you see what is valuable and what information isn’t as meaningful to your specific practice. At Alert Communications, we frequently check in with our clients to make sure that the reports we are providing match their current needs. If you would like to change the reporting criteria to review a different set of metrics, no problem! Just let us know and we can easily adapt our reporting options as your firm continues to grow.

    Running a marketing campaign is a costly endeavor, and the end goal is to reach clients who would benefit from the services that your firm offers. It is in your firm’s best interest to use all of the information available to make informed decisions when it comes to connecting with your clients. Call Alert Communications today to learn more about how customized reporting tools can help your firm establish more efficient with marketing campaigns and reaching new potential clients!