Large Law Firms

Large law firms have very specific needs that often require a customized array of Alert Communications services. We can mix and match any of our services to create a solution that’s right for you.

  • We will act as an overflow and after-hours resource to your firm’s in-house call center.

    Overflow – Delay Call Forwarding: Many large law firms have their own internal intake staff. Alert Communications will supplement your coverage so that you will never miss a new case call. We can help you set a delay call forwarding, allowing new client calls to come to your team first. If the call is not answered in a predetermined amount of rings it will roll over to us. We will complete the intake, and then email, text or direct connect to anyone you choose.

    After-Hours: Alert Communications is staffed 24/7/365 days a year. When your intake team goes home for the evening you can count on Alert Communications to make sure you never miss a new client call. Simply forward your advertising lines to us after-hours, weekends and holidays – we’ll do the rest.

  • We will handle large television marketing campaigns 24/7.

    Alert Communications works with some of the largest law and legal marketing & advertising firms in the country. Many firms run large television, newspaper and online marketing campaigns. Alert Communications’ 30,000 square foot call center, with over 150 seats, is ready for your calls.

  • Web form submission response – Outbound calling.

    Alert Communications can do more than answer incoming calls. We will make outbound calls to your website leads. The process is simple. Your firm copies us on web leads and then we will make an outbound call to the prospective client within 3-5 minutes. We will announce ourselves as a representative of your firm and complete the intake as if it were an inbound call!

  • E-Retainer execution.

    If your firm has an electronic client retainer agreement (Docu-sign or eSign) Alert Communications can email the retainer on your firm’s behalf. The emailed e-retainer will come from your firm’s email account, but will be sent by Alert Communications. We will then stay on the line with the caller until the process is completed or we can disconnect and allow your firm to follow up.

  • Appointment scheduling.

    In most cases, if your firm has an online calendar we can schedule consults or appointments for you and your team.

  • Spanish language support.

    Many large law firms will run advertising campaigns specific to the Hispanic population. Alert Communications can help! A large portion of or intake staff are bi-lingual. We are staffed bi-lingual 24/7 so you’ll never have to worry about missing a new Spanish speaking caller.

  • CRM/CMS import.

    Alert Communications has relationships with most client management software companies that cater to the legal industry. We have the ability to send CSV files with intake data that easily import directly into your system.  By request, we can even send scheduled CSV batch files that contain multiple new clients information or post this information directly into your system, requiring little or no effort on your firm’s part. Alert integrates with:

    Don’t see the software that your firm uses? No worries! Alert can work with any software. Contact us for more details: 1-844-MY-INTAKE.

  • Delivery of firm’s email thank you and snail mail delivery of welcome packs.

    Alert Communications can send a follow up thank you email on your behalf after every call. Many of our large firm clients ask us to send a “Thank you for talking with us and learn more about the firm” email. Alert Communications can send these for you from your firms email address.

    We can also snail mail your welcome packs. Your firm can send us the packets and we mail them to the qualified prospects that you choose. Please note that additional costs apply.

  • Reports.

    Alert Communications can provide your firm with several dozen types of call and marking reports. These include: abandoned call reports, hold time reports, call data by number or geographic location, time of day reports & case and sub case type reports.

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