There are numerous types of marketing campaigns that might work well for law firms. Billboards, radio spots, television commercials, online marketing; all can be effective if handled correctly.

To promote your success, it’s important to have a detailed plan in place for your marketing ventures and to ensure you have the ability to handle new inquiries after your launch.

Do you have a plan for answering a massive influx of calls if your marketing campaign is successful? If not, securing call center services should be your next priority.

Building Clients’ Trust

As great of a legal team as you may have and as valuable as your services may be, it will do your business no good if you can’t secure clients. Individuals in need of legal services want to find lawyers they can trust and law firms they can rely on. They want no-nonsense answers to their questions with high-quality services and they want to know they can count on you when they need you.

When someone calls your law firm and there is no answer or they hear an impersonal voicemail recording, you might lose that potential client on the spot. Not all firms have the ability or can justify the need to employ a full-time receptionist to answer calls. Using a call center/answering service provider is an economical, efficient, and effective solution.

Using Call Center Services for Your Marketing Campaign

Call center services are extremely valuable for law firms in multiple ways. It will free up time so you can handle your main priorities – meeting with clients, filing paperwork, negotiating, and going to court. Also, having a virtual receptionist to take your calls 24/7 will boost your business.

Before you launch any new marketing campaigns, make sure a professional is available to answer the phone. Contact Alert Communications to discuss our attorney answering services and take a look at some of the highlights of using our services.

  • You will have someone there at all times to take detailed messages and patch calls.
  • You will be able to rest easy knowing your prospective and existing clients are cared for and building a positive reputation.
  • Our staff is highly trained, professional, and empathetic.
  • We utilize custom lead management and provide you with detailed reports. With our services, you will know how effective your campaign actually is.

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