Many law firms hire marketing agencies to help them generate more leads. These agencies develop lead generation campaigns that can help the firm acquire a large influx of new leads and/or maintain a steady flow of leads.However, simply bringing in new leads is not enough to ensure the profitability of a law firm. True success comes when a law firm is able to convert those leads into new cases, which requires superior client intake. With a streamlined, optimized intake process, the law firm will be able to capture every possible lead and turn them all into profit.

What does it mean to have superior client intake?

Having superior client intake means that a law firm has developed an intake process allowing them to maximize conversions when new calls and inquiries come into the office. Some of the best practices of a superior client intake process include:

In many cases, building a superior client intake process will require assistance from a legal answering service.

Why is superior client intake important?

Effective client intake is important for marketing agencies and law firms because it maximizes return on investment (ROI). Marketing agencies are good at generating leads, but it is the law firm’s responsibility to capture and convert those leads.

The best way to accomplish this is through a superior client intake process. When firms capture the largest percentage of incoming leads possible, you can improve lead conversion rates and boost marketing ROI. As a result, your agency will enjoy improved client retention, a good reputation and business growth. For the law firms you serve, superior client intake means more new clients and an increased bottom line.

No legal marketing agency can maximize its effectiveness and profitability without superior client intake. To build an intake process that works, it is important to be able to accept calls at all hours of the day or night and be able to collect relevant information from qualified prospects. To increase client conversions, you should also be able to schedule an appointment and/or send contracts and retainer agreements to the appropriate party as quickly as possible. For most law firms, this will require assistance from a legal answering service.

Alert Communications is an established legal answering service that staffs trained intake specialists. These professionals are available to answer and process incoming calls 24/7/365. We also maintain a call abandon rate of less than three percent. With our live answer solutions, firms are able to respond to all leads within 15 seconds or less than 3 rings. Even more, call intake specialists speaking both English and Spanish are available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your marketing agency deliver better results for law firm clients and improve its overall profitability.