As your law firm staff works with your existing clients, who dedicates their time to answering the incoming calls to your firm? If you do not have dedicated intake specialists, or the number of calls outweigh their capabilities, you may need to take a different approach to achieve your marketing goals.

With efficient call patching services from a legal intake partner, you can live transfer your clients to knowledgeable representatives — and prevent them from moving onto your competition. Below we’ll explore how call patching can serve the needs of your law firm.

What is Call Patching?

With call patching, you add an extra layer of support for clients calling during the busy hours or after your office closes. If your onsite team is unavailable, the call patching system will simply route the callers to your answering service team. The representatives will then address your clients’ concerns and transfer the calls to the right staff members on your team.

Through the “warm transfer” process, your legal answering team will contact the staff member directly and provide pertinent information needed to serve the client. This is a much better option than a cold transfer, which leaves the client to explain their reason for calling to each point of contact. With cold transfers, the lack of support can make your clients feel like they are getting the run-around and may cause them to lose confidence in your firm’s ability to solve their legal problems.

Why is Call Patching Important for Law Firms?

With each marketing campaign you run, the resulting influx of calls can overwhelm your team and take away from their ability to serve your existing clients. If you cannot answer those calls, you could lose leads to your competition. When implemented for your overflow and off-hour needs, call patching services can prevent the loss of leads and aid in increasing your conversion rates by halting the shopping process. Otherwise, without a response, people in need of legal representation will continue to call law firms until they find the guidance and support they require.

When you hire a legal answering service to provide call patching services, you can maximize your lead capture and conversion rates. The intake specialists can screen calls and only transfer warm leads to save your team time day after day. With prompt service and support available at all hours of the day, you can greatly optimize the client experience to the benefit of your law firm’s reputation and revenues.

How Alert Can Help

Alert can help by providing the call patching services you need to optimize your lead capture and conversion rates. You can elect to create a custom account that includes live transfer and call routing options for your incoming calls. With call routing, your incoming calls can be routed to your voicemail system or the answering service team, depending on their importance. Calls routed to your team will proceed as live transfers to reduce your clients’ stress and help your team better manage their workload. You will receive notice of all calls and actions through your selected communication method.

Acquiring Call Patching Services for Your Business

Now that you know what call patching is, it is a great time to reflect on how hiring a legal answering service could benefit your law firm. With an expert team handling your calls, your staff can focus on handling your clients’ cases – not capturing leads and promoting conversions. You can get started by partnering with Alert Communications for access to trained, bilingual intake specialists. These experts will handle all your call patching and answering service needs 24/7/365.