New Year, new business! As you readjust your business plan and set goals for the year ahead, is one of your objectives to more effectively capture and qualify leads? In the virtual answering service industry, we see a lot of clients come to us because their hectic schedules leave little to no time to build out their business. For a business owner it’s nearly impossible to attend meetings, work on major projects, and handle paperwork while trying to capture every phone call from prospective clients. In-house receptionists solve some of the problem, but round-the-clock staffing is a huge investment.

Outsource lead generation to a virtual answering service – when you want it.

There is a common misconception that virtual answering services are a rip off, taking your money and not providing meaningful results. This is true only if you don’t do your homework. Choose a virtual answering service with flexible plans and contract terms; while flat-rate plans are appealing, the lowest price does not equal the highest quality. A credible virtual answering service offers flexible plans to clients during the times when they need coverage. Have the freedom to use a virtual receptionist with the ebb and flow of business – whether you need coverage 24/7, weekends, holidays, or during business hours for overflow.

Qualify the leads with the highest gain.

With a virtual answering service, you choose the protocols according to which agents qualify leads. Receptionists follow customized scripts, asking directive questions to gather relevant criteria. After collecting this information, agents can prioritize leads. All receptionists receive thorough, regular training to ensure the highest quality customer service and the ability to converse in the language of your industry.

Outbound calls to enhance the customer experience.

A virtual receptionist also handles outbound calls to increase new-client acquisition. In addition to managing your appointment calendar when capturing leads, virtual answering services can make outbound confirmation calls, follow up calls, and surveys. Receptionists always introduce themselves using your business name, giving clients the impression of a professional executive office. All outbound calls are customized to your standards.

Forgo the days of incessant voice mails and overall missed opportunities lost to competition. Give your business the edge – plus some added organization – to become a major industry player.