Understanding the way people think is the key to persuasion.

There are many mental triggers that can be influential when trying to get someone to think like you or, in this case, hire your law firm for an upcoming case. Have you thought about using simple human psychology to help turn potential clients into actual clients? Boost your client base with these tips:

Focus on a Pain Point

Humans will do anything to avoid discomfort. We are just wired that way. Sigmund Freud, one of the most influential names in psychology, described this as the pleasure principle: the undeniable human urge to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

When a potential client calls after being injured, they are going to be in pain. They are calling you for one reason and one reason only—to relieve that pain. It’s your job to emphasize how you can help make the discomfort, and the stress, go away. Show them that you can take them back into a more pleasurable state.

Establish an Enemy

People love rivalries. In fact, human beings have always bonded over having a common enemy (the out-group) and are wired to believe that members of their own group (the in-group) are above the rest—think of every sports rivalry ever. When it comes down to it, feeling like you are a part of the in-group feels good. And secure.

When it comes to your law firm and your prospective leads, a common enemy will always exist: the entity or person who caused the pain to your lead in the first place. Capitalize on this. Create a team. Make your leads want to side with you.

Build Excitement and Anticipation

Humans love having something to look forward to. It creates excitement and anticipation that generally brings satisfaction. After you prove to the lead that you are on their team, let them know what they can look forward to by showing them the goal. Let them see the avenue you will take them down so they can see where it is they are going— in the direction of satisfaction.

Make Them Feel Important

This one is vital. Everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to feel cared about.

The key to achieving this is learning the art of empathy. Always make sure whoever is managing your intakes follows excellent client-service guidelines.

Alert Knows Psychology

We’ll begin the process for you at Alert Communications. Our intake specialists are different than the upbeat, energetic style you might look for in other businesses. They are trained, and re-trained, on how to deal with people who are coping with emotional turmoil. Showing empathy is important when dealing with people who are calling a personal injury law firm, and it is a big deal to us. We’ll make your clients feel important and cared for. For more information visit us at https://www.alertcommunications.com or call 844-694-6825.