Consider a call center a safety net for your law firm leads. Are you tired of missing out on good cases? When your phone goes unanswered, potential clients are more likely to just call the next attorney on their list.

Before you lose another lead to unattended phones, consider these three situations where call centers can preserve a law firm’s leads.

Example 1: The Big One That Didn’t Get Away

John Smith is a small town lawyer with a steady caseload with a few office employees and a full-time secretary. His dedicated phone line has been silent the entire day until his secretary stepped away for a few minutes to use the restroom. As fate would have it, a phone call came in from a woman whose husband was struck by a city bus.

Since Mr. Smith hired a call center for just such an occasion, the call was answered immediately and transferred directly to the attorney to set up a consultation. That case later won the family a multi-million dollar verdict and became one of John Smith’s most notable cases.

Example 2: Preparing for the Flood of Leads

X Law Firm just launched a multi-platform marketing campaign advertising free consultations for homeowners facing foreclosure. Once those ads went up across town and online, their phone lines started ringing off the hook.

Instead of hiring extra employees to answer the phones, X Law Firm hired a call center to handle the overflow. The call center was able to pre-screen all of the potential leads and hand over the pertinent information to the attorneys for further case development.

Example 3: The Impatient Clients

ABC Law Firm knows how frustrating it is for their Social Security disability clients who wait months, even years, for their claims to be resolved. While the attorneys try to give their clients regular updates, many of them call the office regularly to ask questions.

ABC Law Firm receives dozens of calls daily and often too many to handle in-house. But their clients’ concerns never go unanswered by a human. Their call center support is trained to identify critical issues and forward them directly to the attorneys or take appropriate actions to reassure the clients.

Want to be a success story like these?

If any of these situations sound familiar, but end in missed calls and angry clients, then call center support could be the answer. Alert Communications provides law firms across the country with live call support to ensure no calls go unanswered. Visit our contact page to learn about our full range of phone support services. When you’re ready to learn more, or jump right in, give us a call at 844-694-6825.