The mass tort market is a multibillion-dollar market, and it’s highly profitable—if you do it right.

There’s much more to mass tort marketing than just marketing. It’s not just about generating leads. It’s equally about capturing them and turning them into paying clients.

Because of this, many law firms look to legal call centers to help them field calls, emails and web leads during large mass tort marketing campaigns, and also get contracts signed.

Managing, nurturing and capturing leads during large campaigns can be overwhelming. Even the largest, most mature, law firms can’t always handle the influx on their own.

Launching a large mass tort campaign is a huge financial commitment, so don’t let your money go to waste. Partnering with a legal call center equipped to provide mass tort contract services is an option, and it could ultimately get you the best bang for your buck while maximizing your ROI.

If you decide to hire a legal call center to handle your mass tort needs, here’s what you should look for.

Smart Lead Tracking

Look for a legal call center that utilizes smart lead tracking to maintain an up-to-date pipeline of your leads.

Some leads can be converted on the first call, but sometimes they require multiple points and forms of communication before conversion.

A smart lead tracking system automatically recognizes what stage your lead is in so the intake specialist can effectively and appropriately pick up the conversation.

This allows for timeliness, consistency, personalization, diligence and organization—which are all required to nurture and convert leads during a mass tort campaign properly.

Legal Call Center Basics

It’s also important the legal call center implements excellent legal phone etiquette standards that align with your firm’s principles. An intake specialist should always:

  • Exemplify empathy
  • Listen to the caller
  • Smile through the phone
  • Be able to provide Spanish-language support if needed
  • If it’s a web or email lead, respond right away with an outbound call

Mass Tort Contract Services Basics

Other basic services that have to do with mass tort contracts to look for include completely customizable intakes—for your law firm’s needs and campaign-specific needs.

Make sure the call center provides offline and online lead response, as well. This means that if your leads come in via chat, web form, text, email, or because of billboard, TV or print ads, the intake specialist can instantly outbound call to these leads.

Finally, make sure the call center has the ability to send fee agreements via text, email and mail carrier (all with HIPAA compliance). If the legal call center has the ability to text agreements on the initial call without breaking contact, you will see higher conversion rates during your campaign.

Seamless CRM/CMS Integrations

Another important thing to look for is effortless CRM/CMS integrations. If the legal call center cannot integrate with your case or database system, it’s probably not the right choice when searching for mass tort contract services.

You simply cannot juggle massive amounts of data without a proper database system in place that integrates with the call center you hire to handle your intake and retainer agreements.

The call center should strive to make your life easier so you can focus on your clients.

Transparency Reporting

Finally, the legal call center you choose to provide mass tort contract services for your next campaign should deliver frequent transparency reports.

Reports let you know how your campaign is doing. Metrics also allow your firm to analyze what you did right (and what you did wrong) so you know what to do (and what not to do) next time.

Detailed reports also let you know how your legal call center is performing so you can determine whether or not you will use their mass tort contract services in the future.