Just recently, bankruptcy attorney and Alert Communications’ very own client Mr. Ralph Thompson graciously posted about our services on his blog, “Organizing Your Work.”

Mr. Thompson is a testament to the fact that the life of an attorney can become overwhelmingly busy. Let alone not physically being available to answer every incoming call, sometimes it’s unnerving to switch gears quickly between a family member and a potential client. However, Mr. Thompson advises that attorneys steer clear of hiring an in-house receptionist and instead implement a virtual receptionist.

In his post, Mr. Thompson highlights the benefits of a virtual receptionist, including no overhead costs, 24/7 client communication, and effective task management (appointment setting, answering routine questions, etc.).

Read the full post to see how a virtual receptionist has improved Mr. Thomson’s office organization: Virtual Receptionist Service: Who’s picking up your phone?

Appointment scheduling is just one of the many services Alert Communications offers to make your life easier. 

Set Guidelines & Keep Your Appointment Setters Informed 

You are the one keeping the appointments, so you need to set the ground rules for how they are scheduled.

  • Know your limitations and preferences so you can properly inform your appointment setting team.
  • If you want at least a 10-minute break between clients, set that as a standard rule for your calendar.
  • If you know you want at least an hour free for lunch every day, make sure your call center knows this.

The more information you give your call center or appointment setter, the better your calendar will look.

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