Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP)

April 11 – 13

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Why Partner with a Legal Call Center?

We’re firm believers that partnering with a professional legal call center is the most efficient and cost-effective way to optimize any mass tort marketing campaign.

Here are some advantages to a call center:

  • 24/7/365 service – even on weekends and holidays
  • Spanish-speaking support
  • Save money on hiring and training additional employees to handle the influx of phone and web inquiries during a campaign
  • Each intake specialist is continually trained in legal terminology, empathy, call control, and the particular campaign at hand, so you can trust they will represent your firm how you or your own staff would
  • 100% of the attention is on your incoming leads, since answering calls and responding to web leads (for law firms only) is the sole focus of a legal call center. There is no multitasking, like might happen at your busy law firm.
  • Leads can be qualified on your behalf, and they can even be converted into clients on the spot with retainer services, maximizing your ROI even further

Even the best law firms can be crippled by the overwhelming amount of inbound phone calls that come in during a mass tort campaign. Not to mention, there are web contact forms and emails to juggle, plus sending and retrieving retainer contracts and follow-up documents promptly.

Initiating a large campaign is a significant investment, and you want to be confident that your money is well spent. Even if you handle part of the calls in-house, and outsource after-hours, weekends and overflow calls, partnering with a legal answering service can help you capture and convert more leads than ever before and boost your marketing ROI. Just make sure you partner with the right legal call center service to handle your mass tort intake.

Not sure how to vet a potential partner? Download Our eBook: Top 10 Questions for Law Firms to Ask When Hiring a Call Center.