We’re excited to announce that we have revamped our logo and overall look!

While we’re still the same Alert – known for exceptional service and value – our new logo showcases the technological advances we have made to answer the needs of a tech driven legal industry.

Alert continues to evolve and grow every day, and we want our logo to reflect our evolution.

As we say goodbye to the old (and to the green), we want to make sure you recognize us. Please be aware that this logo and color scheme is what you will see moving forward on our website, in any email correspondences, when you see us at conferences, and so on.

Don’t worry—it’s us, just with a brand new, more energetic vibe!


About Alert Communications

Alert Communications is a 55,000 square foot, 300 person legal only call center located in Camarillo, CA. Founded in 1965, Alert services thousands of attorneys and hundreds of legal marketing agencies across the nation. We have completed millions of new client intakes and helped with retainer e-signing for thousands of new clients with law firms and legal marketing agencies. Our customer service and expertly trained intake specialists act as an extension of your law firm working 24/7/365 in both English and Spanish.