Pravin Chandrasoma is Alert‘s first-ever chief technology officer (CTO). His role is to oversee technology for Alert Communications and its parent company Nexa Receptionists Holdings LLC (“Nexa”).

Get to know more about Pravin’s role as CTO, the greatest opportunities he sees for Alert, and his background and experience in this Q&A. 

About the Role: Chief Technology Officer   

In your own words, how would you describe your role as CTO? 

Primarily, my role is to unify the technology organizations across all the brands that comprise Nexa Receptionists Holdings LLC. In addition, my job is to hire top talent and keep up with accelerated growth while simultaneously streamlining and implementing new processes and modernizing the overall technology platform. It’s an exciting time at Alert, and I’m looking forward to building an organization that equips our agents with the right tools and offers innovative solutions that directly contribute to our clients’ success.  

What was it about this new role that made you want to take it on? 

I see tremendous potential for Alert. And I believe we are just getting started. The thing that attracted me most to this role was the talented and dedicated people. This role also gives me an opportunity to build something special, and it fits perfectly with the natural progression of my career. 

Greatest Opportunities for Alert 

In your opinion, what are the three greatest business opportunities for Alert? 

First, I think the biggest opportunity for Alert is in leveraging our ability to offer truly customized solutions to our clients. We will continue to provide a service that fits the unique needs of any business regardless of how complex the workflow might be. 

Second, there is a tremendous opportunity to expand our market share. Our agents are our “secret sauce,” and by giving them the right tools and training we can continue to provide expert agents to our clients that truly add value and embody their unique brands.  

Lastly, we have an opportunity to invest in and broaden our product offerings to give our clients more options when deciding how to best connect with their clients. 

Background & Experience  

Can you share a little more about your experience before joining the team? 

I have more than 20 years of experience in technology. Starting my career at a consulting firm as a software engineer gave me a unique opportunity to experience a multitude of different technologies while servicing myriad clients. 

I made the transition to management a few years later in the mortgage banking industry. After nearly seven years running the construction loan technology team, I joined LegalZoom. At the time, they were very much a startup with only a handful of folks on the technology team. I built every team within the technology organization and grew it to 100+ people on- and off-shore. I spent the first seven years leading the engineering and data teams responsible for the entire e-commerce operation. This team built a scalable and secure platform that continues to help LegalZoom achieve record profits and capture market share while being the undisputed industry leader.  

The last six years at LegalZoom, I led the enterprise applications team responsible for marketing automation, contact center and fulfillment operations, as well as production engineering. My team used cloud technologies, machine learning and automation to greatly enhance the agent experience and digitize the supply chain. As a result, we saw a marked improvement in call handle times, greater customer retention and orders fulfilled in seconds—rather than days or weeks—all while significantly reducing costs.