Some law firms hire an intake call center and have never given a thought to how they want their calls answered. Other law firms come to us knowing the exact tone and content they want presented by our virtual legal assistant. In either situation, Alert Communications ensures that we answer our clients’ calls in the precise way they desire, and we go through great lengths to set up the phone scripts that make that possible.

Every Phone Script We Use Starts with a Meeting of the Minds

A new client with Alert Communications gets started by meeting with one of our programmers and one of our training coordinators. Our law firm answering service staff listens as the attorney explains how their office runs, what types of clients they’re looking for, and how the firm currently handles phone calls.

With this information, our programmer and training coordinator develop a custom script that is aligned with the attorney’s office practices and procedures. This ensures that our receptionists gather the right information that the law firm needs with every call we take.

We can even develop scripts if the law firm comes to us without a lead intake system or policy for answering their phones. In these situations, we provide sample scripts for a variety of situations and types of leads. Working from these bases, we walk our client through customizing those basic scripts to best fit their needs.

As Your Law Firm Grows, So Can Our Phone Scripts

We know that nothing stays the same forever, and our team is constantly reviewing and revising our clients’ scripts to ensure they continue to meet the law firm’s needs. If you need to make changes to your script, we’re ready to accommodate.

Some law firms require multiple scripts as their leads increase in volume and they start taking new case types. We can have several different scripts prepared for your most common types of calls. No matter what, with customized phone scripts, we’re always prepared to represent your law firm in a professional and courteous manner.

Let Alert Communications Help You Develop the Right Script for Your Firm

Don’t let another great case slip by because your receptionist wasn’t ready to take down the important information. Our receptionists are trained to follow the scripts that get you the important info to turn a lead into a case, process new clients, and handle other calls your firm receives. To get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.