Partnering with a legal call center can help your law firm convert more potential clients into paying clients, without added work on your part. But it’s important to choose the right call center.

The right partner will help you achieve your goals, whether you aim to increase client conversions or improve your marketing return on investment (ROI). Knowing how to compare call centers is not always easy. Here are some factors to consider when making this important comparison.

1. Quality

The quality of the call center and its services should be a primary consideration. How can you measure this? First, look at lead capture rate. Are they able to capture more leads than their competitors? Similarly, look at their conversion rate. How many of those captured leads turn into paying clients?

Staff training should also be considered when assessing quality. Are the staff taught to tailor their services to the unique needs of each law firm? Do they understand what works for legal firms specifically, or are they generic call centers that handle a wide range of businesses?

Next, consider the quality of the customer service provided by the call center. Do prospective clients come away feeling that their needs were satisfied and your firm is trustworthy? Or, are they forced to wait for a response, which could lead to dropped leads?

2. Security

When people call a call center, the call center will likely record important information about the client and their needs. This information needs to be kept secure. If it is not, then it reflects directly on your firm. So how can you tell that the call center is secure? Look for:

  • Endpoint protection – Security software and protocols on computers and tablets that prevents security threats.
  • Advanced security monitoring – The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the company’s overall security.
  • Auditing – Call centers need regular security auditing to find and eliminate potential threats.
  • Employee training – Security starts with employees, and the call center should routinely train employees on proper security protocols.

Alert Communications takes data security seriously, and have many measures in place to ensure your clients’ information is kept protected.

3. Location

Chances are your call center won’t be located in the same city as your law firm, but you need to find a US-based option. International call centers can hurt the trustworthiness of your firm, because callers tend to mistrust people they cannot communicate well with. It can also leave you in a legal bind since you are sending secure information for a client or a potential client  over international boundaries. A US-based call center offers more effective communication and the option for better legal knowledge, so location is an important consideration to make.

4. Reputation and Credibility

As you shop for a call center, you want to find one that has a reputation for quality service. How can you tell if the call center you’re considering is credible? Look for reviews and ask for references. These can give you good insight into whether or not they are doing their job well. You can also ask for case studies that demonstrate a record of success with past clients.

5. Customization

Call center services are not a one-size-fits-all product. What your law firm needs will be different than the next. The best call center will offer a measure of customization to ensure that each client who calls gets a quality experience that puts your law firm in the best light. At Alert Communications, we allow law firms to customize every aspect of the call center service to create a strategy that works specifically for you.

The right call center will reduce your workload while increasing your client conversions and ultimately your revenue and ROI. Take the time to choose wisely. In your search, reach out to Alert Communications to learn more about our suite of custom services and offerings designed for law firms like yours.