There are many ways to be efficient. For a law firm, it means assessing the processes you use on a daily basis to get your work done. These processes are anything from a simple chain of command for the intake of new clients to a more elaborate email marketing system following up with leads.

Identify Where Your Processes Do and Do Not Work

If you are serious about assessing your law firm’s efficiency, schedule some time to sit down with your team and review your typical day of work. Identify any tasks that take too much time or could be done more efficiently. Ask your employees if there are any tasks that take up the majority of the day.

Reduce Paper Clutter and Go Digital to Become More Efficient

Did you know paper may be killing your office productivity and efficiency? The National Association of Professional Organizations conducted a study of professional offices and found that paper clutter is killing the efficiency rates of many American offices. The average staff member can spend up to 4.3 hours each week looking for documents.

Many law firms are transitioning to a paperless office to decrease waste and increase efficiency. Performing a simple search in your client database easily reduces the time it takes your staff to locate a file. If you are worried about the time it takes to scan client paperwork, consider the time it takes to locate and file all that paperwork every time a client file needs to be updated.

Here are some processes you can implement to improve your transition to digital files.

  1. Input client information directly into a database rather than filling out a written form. Have an intake call center take your lead calls and process them into digitally-delivered new client records.
  2. Digitally send your clients their intake paperwork and then have them digitally return it.
  3. Use a client management system software. This is a must for any law firm looking to reduce paper clutter and reduce inefficiency.

Alert Communications Helps Law Firms Improve Efficiency

Alert Communications helps law firms improve their efficiency with a wide range of attorney services to reduce phone burdens, improve document delivery, and speed up client intake and processing. To get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.