Alert Communications is now offering two free download-able white papers on attorney marketing efforts. Our white papers explain everything you need to know about retaining leads once they reach you and eliminating space for competition.

White Paper #1 – Turning Leads Into Clients: Professional Call Center Etiquette for Personal Injury Lawyers

Capturing leads can be daunting, especially without a strategy in place. Utilizing an attorney answering service is an affordable, repeatable avenue for more lead captures. Attorneys spend a considerable amount of money on marketing, so once a potential client picks up the phone you want to ensure that all pertinent lead data is collected. With customizable scripting, legal receptionists can obtain the information needed to answer all of the caller’s questions and point them in the correct direction. Don’t allow a missed call to become a missed opportunity; consider a professional call center for efficient data intake and call management strategies.

White Paper #2 – Turning Bankruptcy Inquiries into Attorney Appointments: Professional Call Center Etiquette for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy attorneys will benefit from the use of a call management system to organize caller information and scheduling. An attorney answering service simplifies these jobs by implementing specific strategies for data intake, appointment setting, and general messages. With a virtual receptionist every call is an opportunity for new business. By implementing strategies that work for your goals, simple inquiries can efficiently become appointments.

Legal receptionists act as the face of your law firm, so make sure the correct steps are taken to acquire and retain more leads once they reach you. Alert Communications will deliver an effective call management solution to save you money and exceed your business objectives.

Frances Starr, Director of Sales & Marketing for Alert Communications. Alert Communications provides 24/7 call answering support.