Handling Calls Efficiently With A Doctor Answering Service

Physicians experience high call volumes daily, which is why many offices use a medical answering service to handle incoming calls. In order to provide the best service to your patients, a doctor answering service is necessary for medical practitioners and other professionals in the field. In addition to a normal receptionist, doctor offices are more commonly adding a doctor answering service to guarantee all overflow and after hours calls are fielded in compliance with HIPAA guidelines. This article explains how doctor answering services can benefit professionals in medicine by offering high quality client and patient service no matter the time of day.

Doctor answering services are especially useful because they can be tailored to any practice for hospitals, private practices, and medical facilities. They are reliable and consistently follow procedures for escalations, determine emergency calls, screen incoming calls, and acknowledge special protocols. Doctor answering services act as supplemental administrative assistance by taking messages, managing appointments, and escalating only the calls that need to be addressed. Every call is important to a medical professional; however, a doctor is not able to answer the phone at all times. Whether a doctor is meeting with patients, in a meeting, or performing surgery, doctor answering services can handle all calls and escalate the important ones. Customized greetings are available to offer the assurance necessary for patients 24 hours a day. Doctor answering services ensure that patient calls are addressed quickly and accurately for high quality service day or night.

Sometimes in-house receptionists simply cannot handle the high call volume a medical office receives. 24/7 doctor answering services can provide support when receptionists are busy with another task or on the other line. Doctor answering services are a great supplement to in-house receptionists and are consistently reliable with no need for sick time or personal days. They can also easily maintain call volume as it peaks. Doctor answering services provide the caller with a live person on the other end instead of frustrating voicemail or automated answering services that leave the patient uneasy. Patients can rest assured in the fact that they are in good hands, and doctors will take comfort in knowing that callers are tended to even after regular business hours.

In the medical field, clients or patients may call in distress, requiring doctor answering services to follow specific protocols for responsive service that is accurate and understanding of caller needs. Strict escalation procedures must be followed in order for the correct physician or medical practitioner to receive messages quickly and precisely. Doctor answering services allow practices to customize the procedures and guidelines to be followed, which eliminates physician distractions and escalates the most urgent calls of those in need. Work in conjunction with your doctor answering service to ensure that all calls are fielded and forwarded in an efficient, organized manner. Request more information about how a doctor answering service can assist your medical practice to alleviate daily stress in the office.

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