You are fully focused on marketing your business. You’re exploring direct-response advertising over the Internet, on select billboards, in radio ads, and you’re even considering a television ad.

But have you figured out who’s answering those direct-response calls when they start coming into your business?

This is vital if you want to turn your leads into conversions.

Two Ways to Turn Leads into Conversions

  1. Have a real person answer prospective-client calls. An answering machine or voicemail can only answer a call, not questions. There may be times during the day or after-hours when no one is in the office to take potential client calls. Route those calls to an on-call associate or have an industry-savvy receptionist at a live answering service answer them. Prospective clients want to speak with a real person. If one is not available then they’ll often hang up and call a competitor.
  2. Take the caller to the next step in the ‘selling’ process. Sales gurus say that each contact with a prospect should take them to the next step in the selling process. If you’re outsourcing your potential client calls, rather than just taking a message the receptionist could collect intake information, patch a qualified lead or schedule consult. All of these would qualify as taking the caller to the next step in the process.

Alert Communications Can Help

  • Manage your leads 24/7, and record calls for quality assurance
  • Develop custom scripts to qualify leads
  • Patch, email or text qualified leads to your sale people
  • Schedule appointments and confirm scheduled appointments

We can answer your calls 24/7, after regular hours and/or for overflow. Our live and automated services enable customized call routing, which can help you manage costs and increase the efficiency of your call traffic. We even provide Spanish-language support at no charge.

If you’re expanding your marketing and media efforts to promote your business, or your business provides that service to others, talk with Alert Communications to learn more about our 24/7 media and marketing support services.

Frances Starr, Director of Sales & Marketing for Alert Communications. Alert Communications provides 24/7 call answering support including: legal media and marketing support.