In real estate, it all boils down to three things — location, location, location. In business, it’s not so simple when you’re looking to turn prospective customers into paying customers.

Moving customers from the first to the second category basically boils down to how great an experience they have with you starting with their first phone call. So what can you do to favorably impact their overall experience? Consider business answering services.

People like reaching and talking to other people, not machines. If you don’t already have a business answering service, give it some thought so your phones are covered during lunch hours, while you’re out on service calls or attending to other customers, or after hours and on the weekends.

As soon as your business answering service takes that first call, opportunity is knocking, so take advantage of it. Depending on the answering service options you choose, you may be able to immediately receive call messages and/or have calls patched through. Quick response to potential customers is sometimes all it takes to win their business.

If your business receives emergency calls, then be sure your business answering service knows how to handle them, too. Set up specialized protocols so the answering service can gather the information you need from callers to make the right decision quickly. Once potential customers are interested enough in your company, it’s up to you to impress them enough to become paying customers.

Your knowledge and enthusiasm combined with great customer service will win you repeat business and/or great word-of-mouth advertising. Choosing the right business answering service is just one way to get things started.