Consider the following scenario: In search of a product or service, you dial a company’s telephone number, and after a few rings someone picks up.

You hear “Good morning, can you hold please?” and next thing you know you’re on hold, without being given a choice and before you’ve even had the chance to say “yes” or “no”. You quickly lose patience and figure you can call elsewhere for the product you need, and enjoy better service as well. So you hang up the phone. And that company loses business.

Perhaps you’ve experienced that or another similar situation. That scenario raises an important question—where and when does the sales process begin? The answer: as soon as a customer calls your business. Regardless of whether or not you and your customers interact face to face, virtually, or via phone, it’s all the same. First impressions do count and they do impact sales.

Call Center Services Make a Difference in Sales

No doubt your business does focus on providing exceptional face-to-face customer service, but it’s just as important to pay attention to callers, who are expecting prompt and courteous customer service. Call centers can make a difference when it comes to handling phone calls and providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that callers speak with a live person who can assist them with their service issues. Call centers can be an interactive space that can improve your business, and works on helping with it.

Call Center Services: Exceptional Customer Service

Articulation: Call center services are known for delivering excellent customer service, from prompt call answering (your customers won’t have to wait while the phone rings) and encouraging customers to feel comfortable with clear articulation. Customers aren’t impressed by receptionists who, upon answering their call speak rapidly and place them on hold—though this does convey that your company is busy, it also conveys you’re too busy to care about their needs and don’t have the time to help them.

Knowledge of Products and Services: Whether you’re using call center services virtual receptionists or an in house receptionist, the individual answering your phone calls should have enough product and service knowledge to deliver information customers seek, as well as answer any basic questions. Call center service receptionists also ask the right questions to determine what callers want or need, an important part of the customer service equation. Receptionists then direct the customer to the department or person who can help them or answer their questions. Transferring customers around your organization without identifying their needs is one way to discourage their business, frustrate them, and have them hang up and take business elsewhere.

Pay attention to how your business handles calls. Are customers taken care of promptly or are they put on hold? Can you understand what’s being said to you? Do receptionists deliver all the information you need, and/or connect you to the right person to answer your questions? Call center services can make a difference in how customers feel when interacting with your company. Don’t underestimate the importance of call handling and its effect on your sales process.

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