With the right marketing, mass tort campaigns have the potential to attract a large number of legal leads to your law firm. However, to actually capture and convert these leads, there are a few additional steps to take on top of your marketing efforts. These three fool-proof tips for boosting the effectiveness of your mass tort campaigns will ensure your return on investment is high and that you make the most out of your marketing dollars.

1. Improve Your Client Intake

Before you launch a mass tort campaign, you must be certain your firm is ready for the influx of calls and web inquiries that are sure to follow. Even if you have incredible marketing, when a potential new client (PNC) is put on hold for too long or given the chance to reconsider going with your firm after they are forced to leave a voicemail, you risk them looking elsewhere. When this happens, you have essentially marketed for your competition.

Keep in mind that intake doesn’t always have to be handled in-house. If your firm’s system can’t handle an influx of mass tort leads, consider utilizing outside intake specialists. If you decide to outsource, your firm will be backed by an army of expert intake specialists who are trained to capture the leads a great campaign is sure to uncover. Working with a call center that specializes in legal only and has robust training programs can allow you to feel confident when leads come in. You can rest assured knowing they will receive the same level of service you would provide them yourself.

Here is a handy resource to help you honestly evaluate your firm’s intake process to determine if you are equipped with the current systems in place to take on a mass tort campaign.

2. Make The Next Steps Clear and Effortless

Once you have a PNC on the phone and have shown them why your firm is the superior choice to handle their case, there is only one thing left to do: get them to sign. Or, in the situation where they are not ready to sign a retainer agreement just yet, give them a clear next step. For example, schedule an appointment for them to meet with you in person. Clear next steps are important because, after the PNC hangs up the phone, if they are not sure what is supposed to happen next with your firm, they might decide to call another one.

The actual process of signing with your firm should be quick, easy and convenient. One option is to partner with a legal call center that specializes in getting contracts signed on the initial call to help you move forward with each case. At Alert, we utilize e-sign to boost client conversion and therefore increase the return on investment of your mass tort campaign. Signing should be effortless for the PNC, and they should also feel that their information is kept secure at all times.

3. Track Your Campaign Metrics

Metrics are a critical component of any mass tort marketing campaign. As such, you need methods in place to track and analyze all metrics of your campaign if you want to determine success. Spend some time thinking about which metrics are important to track, and then determine what the results mean for your law firm’s future. If you’re outsourcing your intake, make sure you work with a call center that puts value in metrics and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have access to this data.

Not only will a successful mass tort campaign help you build your business in the short-term, it will help you build a platform from which to grow for years to come. As a starting point, apply these three tips to begin seeing improved and measurable results from your campaigns.