If you worry about who, or what, answers your potential client calls when you aren’t available, consider hiring an attorney answering service.

Read on for some benefits that make the investment worth it.

Benefits of Investing in an Attorney Answering Service

  • Attorney answering service agents receive special training to understand legal terminology, know the different types of law, and classify cases correctly.
  • When answering calls, the agents use phrasing, according to your preferences, that gives the impression they are part of your regular office staff sitting in your firm.
  • Attorney answering service agents can schedule and confirm appointments on your behalf. It’s important to find out if the appointment calendar is available to you online and if it will sync to your Outlook calendar or whatever software calendar system you use.
  • Agents are available for bilingual callers allowing law firms to gain Spanish-speaking leads.
  • You can customize intake forms so agents can record calls, complete the form, and send it to you to import to your case management software.
  • Call protocols allow you to give agents detailed instructions on how to handle possible call situations or to immediately know which calls to connect directly to you. It is a cost-effective way to provide a high level of service to your current and potential clients while eliminating the worry about missed calls and messages.
  • Call reports provide metrics you can use to tailor your marketing messages as well as to track business growth.

If you are out of the office even more than you are in it, have too many calls to handle or cannot afford a full-time. in-house receptionist, explore the benefits of an attorney answering service.