Do you ever wonder if social media is all it’s cracked up to be? Is tweeting, texting, keeping your Facebook page updated, and being LinkedIn to people really a help in today’s business world? Maybe. Consider this.

I recently invited one of my clients to connect with me on Linked In. He accepted my invitation and then sent me an e-mail about some concerns he had. His office situation had changed, and he wasn’t sure how my attorney answering service could possibly accommodate his needs. (I knew he didn’t have to worry, but he didn’t know that yet.)

He had moved to a shared executive-suite arrangement and was concerned about his clients getting directions to the new location and finding him in the new building. I called him and explained that if he added our call-protocol option to his account, our receptionists would be able to help his callers with these questions.

During our conversation, I found out that my client had a much bigger problem. As a bankruptcy attorney, he receives many calls from client creditors. These calls take up a big chunk of his time. (He didn’t have to worry about this, either. I had the perfect solution.) I told him that our legal receptionist answering service could easily manage the creditor calls and completely eliminate this task from his to-do list. Needless to say, he quickly gave us what we needed, and our live legal receptionist immediately began handling the creditor calls.

I thank LinkedIn for bringing me the new business. He was already a client, but by connecting with him directly, I became more accessible. As the owner of a business, I might seem inaccessible or too busy; but as a professional connection on LinkedIn, I am accessible and available. I encourage everyone to reach out to your business contacts and connect with them on LinkedIn—you never know what will happen!

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