When you’re just starting your practice or branching out on your own, budgeting becomes essential. 

Maybe your legal receptionist is a family member or works part-time. Perhaps you need more than one, or you’re having problems finding that perfect fit.

A busy phone means business is good, but losing those calls is not. Whatever your needs are, using a legal call center to help you with the calls you receive is a smart decision.

Not to mention, it can be intimidating for people to call a lawyer. A good receptionist can make the caller feel welcome and streamline this process.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the great ways a legal receptionist at a call center can help your practice.

1. Professional Staff

The people answering your calls should be completely trained and experienced professionals.

They should know your business, the terminology, and the particular issues your clients have. They should also exude empathy, reassure your clients they are in good hands, and answer any questions they may have.

The legal receptionists who answer your calls must be well-versed in your field and know exactly how to respond in every situation.

2. Professional Air

If you are meeting with a client, the last thing you need is a ringing phone going unanswered. You also don’t want to have to get up or interrupt your client while you are in a consultation in order to answer the phone yourself.

A professional legal receptionist will answer the call and handle the problem without any interruption of your meeting—or your time.

When a client calls, there should always be someone there to take care of them who is professional, courteous and knowledgeable.

Having an expert legal receptionist to take your calls gives your firm an air of professionalism.

3. 24/7/365 Coverage

It’s essential for clients and potential clients to know their urgent needs are important to your firm and can be taken care of around the clock.

Not all accidents happen during working hours, so offering an ear all day and night is a great bonus to your office.

Knowing you have coverage when you need it is vital.  It can bring in a lot more clients and put you ahead of competitors.

Customers will trust and rely on your firm even more if they know they can call anytime, day or night, and be heard.

4. Cost Efficient

Whether you need it full time, only occasionally, or just in the off-hours, a legal call center can be cost-effective.

The people who work in high-end legal call centers are often experts with years of training. They are knowledgeable, polished and extremely professional. It is expensive and time consuming to hire and train someone to attain this level of professionalism just to answer your calls.

Quality call centers provide your firm with intake specialists who go through continuous and rigorous training to reach this professional level. A quality intake specialist is well-versed in legal knowledge and knows how to handle a caller who is distressed with patience and empathy.

In addition to saving money on hiring new employees, using an intake service full-time can allow you to cut costs on office space and other office equipment.

Additionally, a professional intake service will track calls for you, so you know exactly when and where, and for how long they take place. This can be great for billing purposes. You will know just how much time and money the answering service is saving, or not saving, you.

5. No Staffing Problems

With virtual legal receptionists, you don’t have to deal with anyone getting sick or paying overtime.

That side of things is all handled by the call center itself.  You get to sit back and have your calls answered by professionals without all the stress. Get the coverage you need without worrying about someone being stuck in traffic or at home with a sick child.

There will be no worries about not getting along, no trust issues to concern yourself with, and no fear of them quitting and leaving you hanging.

6. No Training Needed

Like we mentioned before, a professional legal receptionist comes to the game suited-up and ready to go. You don’t have to spend time or money training someone.

These legal receptionists are rigorously trained and are already highly suited for the position. The call center handles the hiring and training, making sure they recruit only the best to answer calls for your firm.

7. Keeps You Organized

Having a legal receptionist answer your calls is only part of the service. They also set up further appointments and get all the necessary information, contact details, and the basics of the situation.

It’s the perfect solution if you are off in court or out in the field meeting up with clients. They can keep track of all your appointments and let you know where you are meant to be and handle the calls while you are away.

8. Great Communication

Having all calls and messages handled and taken care of is a great relief for busy lawyers.

There is never a gap, lost call or missed message from anyone with a call answer service. You will always know who has called and what you need to do to prioritize your clients.

Ease the Stress with Alert Communications

You already have enough to worry about with your practice, so why not let someone else handle the stress of the phones? It’s likely you have your personal phone glued to your ear throughout the day as it is. You shouldn’t have to worry about the office calls, too.

Small offices or large companies— it is all taken care of professionally when you use Alert Communications. You will have dedicated legal intake specialists to cover all of your client’s calls, messages, and needs. You will never miss a call again.

It just makes sense to use a call service for all your phone coverage. Take care of all your already-paying clients. Let us take care of the potential ones, and then we’ll send them your way.