The success of your immigration practice hinges on how well you can generate leads and turn those contacts into clients. Some immigration attorneys rely on non-exclusive pay-per-lead sellers who offer low-cost leads. However, low cost does not always translate into quality, and it’s not the only metric you need to watch.

The best lead generation sources have high conversion rates and a low cost to acquire new customers, a metric known as “customer acquisition cost” (CAC). No matter how cheap a lead is, if it results in too high of a CAC, the return on investment will be negative.

Below we offer seven strategies for lead generation that, when executed correctly, have a lower CAC and higher conversion rate than paying for non-exclusive immigration leads. First, let’s have a look at some of the issues that come with enlisting non-exclusive lead generation sources.

The Problem with Non-Exclusive Immigration Lead Generation Companies

Non-exclusivity is cheap, but it also means many law firms compete for the same leads. As more firms compete, your probability for conversion decreases, resulting in a lower overall conversion rate. The only way to ensure you meet your business goals is to purchase more leads, resulting in a much higher cost to acquire a new client.

There are many lead sources that offer higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs — other than relying on non-exclusive lead generation companies. Let’s dive into seven strategies for lead generation.

1. Exclusive Immigration Lead Generation Companies

Exclusive leads can cost as much as three times more than non-exclusive leads, but your conversion rate will be much higher. This lowers your CAC, which raises profitability. Immigration lead generation companies that provide exclusive leads cost the most upfront because companies can only sell each lead once. However, it is better for you to have a high cost per lead and low cost per client than vice versa.

2. Appear Locally

When potential clients search for immigration services, Google Maps, Yelp and other review sites return search results that are ordered primarily by proximity to the searcher and the number of quality reviews. You can increase your visibility and attract more clients by focusing on local SEO strategies, which include getting better reviews and more reviews.

Not sure where to begin? Check out Google My Business review strategies to learn more about how Google reviews work. Make sure to fill out all of the business information on your Google My Business profile to add yourself to Google Maps. You can also start gaining reviews on Yelp by claiming your business page.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Prospective clients turn to Google when they want to answer a question or complete a task — like finding an immigration attorney. Yet, a search for “immigration attorney” is far more competitive (and much more broad) than other keywords a prospect might type to search.

Competitive keywords are costly, so you are best served by bidding on less competitive (and more specific) terms that potential leads are still likely to search to find answers. Search engine marketing is an effective strategy when you need to get leads quickly, but it does require some planning on your part.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The ultimate goal of SEO is to drive organic traffic to your website to create more leads. Google’s algorithms, which include keyword use and several other metrics, determine which websites show up and in what order on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO can be a powerful lead generation tool, but it takes time to get results. When optimizing your website, results translate into a higher ranking and increased website traffic. The process is complicated; one way to learn is through educational graphics that break down the basics of using SEO for lead generation.

5. Social Media Ads

A huge benefit of social media is that it allows for specific targeting resulting in qualified leads. For example, different age groups gravitate towards different social platforms, such as LinkedIn or Instagram. You can also target within platforms. You can share videos, photos and blogs. You can encourage engagement with your ads by offering something of value in exchange for a potential client’s email address, or you can promote your service directly to your chosen target markets.

6. Email Marketing

Drip campaigns are a common email marketing strategy that can help you generate immigration leads. A drip campaign includes a set of pre-written messages you deliver over time to those on your email list to promote your service. As your email list grows, so does the number of people you reach in your campaign. You can find dozens of tactics to build your email list from hosting events to handing out business cards.

7. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way to generate leads that includes creating valuable and relevant content to attract and acquire clients. Content can be in many different forms, but it needs to be informative and educational with the goal of moving a prospect through a series of posts, blogs and other content that will prepare them to request service.

Immigration Lead Strategies in Action

You can use these strategies alone or combine them based on what works best for your firm. As you start developing one or more of these tactics, you’ll eventually need a way to deal with the influx of leads. When you miss incoming calls, you lower your conversion rate and increase your CAC.

You can eliminate this issue by using a legal call center with dedicated intake specialists. A legal call center will ensure you respond in a timely and professional manner to each and every inquiry that comes in — around the clock.