In today’s economy, we’re all looking for ways to save a few dollars, even on the things we know are absolutely necessary.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your monthly virtual receptionist/answering service charges, you might want to try to reduce the number of minutes you’re using. If you are currently utilizing a legal answering service, consider making some of the following changes: 

  • Instead of having your calls go to the legal answering service throughout the work day, forward your calls only after-hours and on the weekends. This reduces the number of overall minutes used, and it covers a vital time when leads might typically be lost.
  • In the same vein, forward calls for portions of the day, instead of all 24 hours. If you or someone else in the office can answer the phone for a few hours in the morning or afternoon, take advantage of that time to save on minutes usage.
  • See if the service can notify you about calls using text messaging/email instead of a more expensive phone call.
  • Call your clients back instead of having calls patched through. The less time spent using out-dialed resources, the fewer minutes accrued.
  • Refine your call-protocol guidelines so you have just a one-number or one-person contact. More isn’t necessarily better when you have to pay in minutes for each one.

If you want to save some money each month, try implementing these cost-saving ideas with your legal answering service partner; you may end up with a few extra coins in your pocket.