Alert Communications ensures each outbound call is customized to increase new-client acquisitions, enhance your clients’ overall experience, and reduce your bottom-line expenses. Our outbound, virtual phone receptionist or virtual legal assistant services are tailored to meet your individual business needs and include:

  • Delivering personal attention when patching calls.
  • Using your business name when we call to confirm appointments, giving clients the impression we’re at your front desk.
  • Following your customized, outbound call protocol for urgent, VIP callers, or potential-client calls.
  • Customizing call reports to include the metrics you’re most interested in tracking.
  • Providing Spanish bilingual services.

We are proud to offer you new and better ways to make the most of every client contact.

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The Alert Communications advantage offers businesses a variety of call answering solutions, including Attorney Answering Services, Call Center Services, Spanish Answering Services and Live Answering Services.

If you are missing calls, stretching your staff thin, and not getting the right people answering your phones with the proper training, do not worry! Let Alert Communications handle all of these details so you can get back to focusing on helping your new clients. To get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.