Attorneys specializing in mass tort litigation face the daunting task of navigating complex legal landscapes, especially when dealing with high-profile cases such as the Exactech recall lawsuits. As of March 2024, the multidistrict litigation (MDL) before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York comprises 1,244 pending lawsuits, highlighting the gravity of the situation. [1] 

The origin of the Exactech recalls 

The Exactech recall lawsuits have emerged from allegations of serious complications associated with Exactech knee, ankle, and hip devices. With thousands of individuals impacted by faulty implants, the legal landscape surrounding Exactech litigation has become increasingly intricate. Lawyers are continuously accepting new cases, seeking legal remedies for affected individuals, and grappling with the complexities of ongoing litigation. 

Updates in Exactech Lawsuits 

January 2024 witnessed significant developments in the Exactech recall lawsuits, including the FDA’s announcement of a recall for AcuMatch Hip System units due to vacuum loss issues. Additionally, a status conference for the Exactech class action MDL was scheduled for March 13, 2024, to address unresolved discovery matters and select bellwether cases. Parties involved in the litigation were selecting bellwether test trials, underscoring their critical role in shaping future litigation strategies. [2] 

Ramifications Beyond The Courtroom

The ramifications of the Exactech recall lawsuits extend beyond the courtroom, affecting individuals who have undergone joint replacement surgeries with Exactech devices. Surgeons have implanted over 143,000 potentially defective devices, raising concerns about early device failure and associated complications. The FDA’s warnings and recalls have prompted heightened scrutiny of Exactech’s product safety protocols, emphasizing the need for accountability and transparency in the medical device industry. 

2024 Exactech Settlements & Verdicts

While no verdicts or settlements have been reached in ongoing Exactech lawsuits, attorneys continue to advocate for their clients’ rights and pursue avenues for compensation. Exactech’s engagement of Broadspire to facilitate claim settlements highlights the company’s recognition of the need to address grievances. However, receiving a settlement from Broadspire may only provide partial relief, leaving unresolved issues such as future medical care and lost wages. 

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