Dealing with billable hours in the legal profession means understanding that a law practice functions best when people use their most valuable skills. 

Outsourcing can blend the objective of fitting each tool to its function by accessing sophisticated technology and practices rather than building every aspect of IT, automation, customer service, and employee training from the ground up.  However, it is important to check the services offered by an outsourced legal assistant vs paralegal. This will help you decide which processes to outsource.

Furthermore, with the right service provider, outsourcing law firm administrative support can improve your client acquisition, employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. 

#1: Save Money by Outsourcing

While outsourcing administrative support service to a third party certainly isn’t free, it could help alleviate the burden an internal hire could place on your budget. Some costs associated with relying on an internal administrative support service may include: 

  • Support staff employee wages
  • Full-time nonlawyer employee benefit packages
  • Temporary support staff to cover leaves and vacations
  • Time costs associated with posting jobs, sorting and interviewing candidates, and training new hires
  • Technology, platform, or vendor research related to the specific administrative functions
  • Time cost of retraining, overseeing, and correcting administrative employees
  • Cost of administrative employee retention

When you choose to outsource, your law firm may be able to free up space in the budget to allocate elsewhere. Understanding the answer to the question “what is a legal assistant” and its role will help you maximize the budget for outsourcing as well. 

#2: Access Consistent Analytics 

These days, it’s all about analytics. What used to be anecdotal or reflected only vaguely in the bottom line can now be seen in real time.

Even for large law firms and a corporate legal department, embedding a customer relationship management (CRM) solution throughout client touch points can be cumbersome and met with employee resistance. But outsourcing your contact channels can immediately connect all points of entry to your CRM.

A full range of analytics provides endless data; just a few examples include:

  • What methods of entry (chat, phone, web form, etc.) yield the highest client satisfaction and conversion
  • What scripts work best to secure consultations that lead to engagements
  • What links or sources drive prospects to contact you
  • When prospects are contacting you: time of day, days of the week, seasonally
  • Why they’re contacting you and whether your web content could be more user-friendly
  • Demographic trends among your prospects that may suggest changes to your content strategy

This information can inform your choices and make the most of your marketing and administrative dollars. 

#3: Reduce Time Cost of Worker Oversight

In the best of all possible worlds, employee oversight and correction would be rarely needed. But in reality, the process of training, retraining, monitoring, and potentially guiding employees on a corrective or disciplinary path can wreak havoc in an office. 

Outsourcing can significantly reduce this potential by:

  • Staffing specific needs with dedicated employees who perform more limited functions
  • Providing ongoing training, correction, and monitoring
  • Engaging in a continuous improvement process at a service level
  • Reducing client confidentiality risks by lowering full-access staffing

#4: Manage Consistency and Tone 

For the independent attorney and small law firms, it can be a challenge to present a polished and sophisticated interface with your clients. Outsourced admin and legal support resources can provide a customer-facing team that: 

  • Maintains a consistent tone and adheres with your plan to steer potential clients
  • Utilizes empathy and clear guidelines to assist clients in crisis
  • Gives prospects and clients their full attention with no other distractions
  • Has legal intake and sales conversion training to get the right people on your calendar

#5: Keep Up with Communication Technology

It wasn’t too long ago that a telephone line and an answering machine offered everything a law office needed to handle potential and current client communications. 

But today, customers expect 24/7 access to information and several channels through which to make contact with your business, like speaking with a virtual legal assistant. Whether through social media, mobile web or text, or an online chat interface—potential clients in need of your services demand real-time responses. 

With fast-changing hardware and platform options, you can spend endless time trying to stay on top of trends and new trials. Outsourcing can provide you the assurance you need: a partner that specializes in being on the forefront of these trends and understands the most effective ways to engage with your contacts. 

#6: Fund What You Need Now

A full-time employee can be retrained and repositioned, but it takes time and willingness to adapt. When you outsource administrative functions, there is no downtime for current employees to try to figure out how to access a new website chat interface, track text communications in a client file, or decipher a new CRM platform. 

As your needs change, you right the ship more immediately by adjusting outsourced resources that draw on a pool of talent that’s already fully trained and immersed in the practices and systems best suited to grow your firm.  

Who Benefits from Outsourcing

From multipractice giants to specialized boutiques, there are benefits to connecting with the right legal administration services for your needs. Outsourcing can serve many needs including: 

  • Small firms without significant internal human resources, IT, office services, or administration functions
  • Firms looking to better utilize paralegal services and legal assistant hours
  • Employee gaps and leaves
  • Firms that want to streamline management time and cost
  • Seasonal shifts in work volume

Alert Communications: Law Firm Administrative Support Made Simple

Alert Communications offers legal call center outsourcing services for communication and prospect management to boost your conversion-to-client rate, increase client satisfaction, and keep you and your staff focused on the legal work you need to get done. 

Our team of trained, empathic specialists is available 24/7 to respond to English- and Spanish-speaking inquiries by phone, chat, text, web form, and more. We handle initial inquiries, identify qualified prospects, schedule meetings, and even handle outbound contact to convert leads. 

Simply put, our goal is to reduce your costs and help you build your caseload with ease. Contact Alert Communications today to learn more.


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