Could Your Law Firm Benefit from Call, Intake & Retainer Services?

Most law firms want to increase their bottom line. Connecting with the right clients is critical for any law firm, and since most reach out via phones they expect to talk to someone live on the other line. When a call goes unanswered, they may not take the time to call back at a later date, causing you to to miss out on potential business.

Alert Communications wants to help all law firms reach their maximum business revenue by offering the following solutions:

  • Call Services
  • Intake Services
  • Retainer Services

Alert Communications is by far the most-recognized legal intake center in the United States. With the largest U.S. legal intake team available 24/7/365, we provide invaluable support to both law firms and legal marketers across the country.

Not only do our services improve client satisfaction, but they can also significantly increase your profits and lower costs. Potential clients are more likely to hire your firm if their call is answered. Plus, you do not have to invest the time and money to hire and manage an internal intake staff. You can focus your energy and resources on your caseload and business objectives while trusting you have a specialized intake center handling your calls. We help you improve the quality of your representation, thereby increasing your client base and growing your firm exponentially.

While our team is always available to talk with you, we have created this informative guide as a resource to help you streamline your overall law firm practice and get to know us better.

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