Regardless of the size of your law firm, you will face many challenges when it comes to handling incoming calls. This includes acquiring the proper tools, resources and support to capture and convert incoming leads into new cases. Whether you run a large firm or a small firm, you can address this need by partnering with a legal call center. Below is some information to help you understand how firms of all sizes can benefit from the services a legal call center provides.

Small to Medium-Sized Law Firms

One of the main challenges for small and medium-sized law firms is having a limited staff. As a result, many staff members are required to juggle multiple roles. Delegating work to various employees is essential, but it can be impossible to cover all needs without additional support.

A legal call center like Alert Communications can partner with a small or medium-sized firm to fill in all of the gaps and help maximize its conversions and profitability. We act as an extension of your firm and provide a range of call and intake services – such as 24/7/365 phone coverage, live transfer and call routing – to improve your productivity.

For example, when the firm receives more calls than its limited staff can handle, the overflow can be funneled to Alert Communication’s trained intake specialists. They can also handle calls that come in outside of business hours so firms don’t have to worry about having a staff member available at all times. With the help of a call center, small and medium-sized firms can reach potential clients, streamline their intake process and respond quickly to current clients.

Large Law Firms

Unlike small and medium-sized law firms, large law firms typically have a more expansive staff capable of handling a greater call volume. However, these firms often need customized support and solutions designed to reflect the unique aspects of their practice.

Alert Communications has extensive experience working with larger law firms, and we offer total customization of all of our services. We can help larger law firms in a variety of ways, including:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Securing e-retainers and other electronic contracts
  • Responding to web form submissions
  • Handling call overflow
  • Handling large television marketing campaigns
  • Taking calls on holidays, weekends and outside of business hours

No matter how big or small, every law firm can benefit from the support of a legal call center. For smaller firms, legal call centers fill in gaps that the staff can’t cover on their own. For larger firms, legal call centers provide specialized services that allow the firm to provide the best possible experience for every potential new client.

At Alert Communications, we offer tailored intake solutions to help firms of any size achieve their business goals. From handling calls to delivering digital contracts, we can help your firm grow and increase profitability with the services you need most.