Alert Communications’ virtual live receptionists use your company name and create a professional appearance of being right there in your office. Our services include:

  • Call patching – Our receptionists screen all calls and can patch any call through to you, according to your custom call-protocols.
  • Adaptable delivery of messages – Choose to have messages and material, such as voice-mail, conveyed in an e-mail to your computer or phone.
  • Appointment scheduling – We can capture prospective new clients by instantly scheduling appointments and confirming them via e-mail. Your employees can check appointments online in our secure calendar any time of day.
  • Lead qualification – We customize a script based on your client’s specific questions that enables our live receptionists to qualify leads. Leads and other information is shared via e-mail immediately and you can analyze it in our database.
  • VIP screening – Based on your list of VIP callers, Alert virtual live receptionists can automatically insert the message text into forms so that you can reduce your usage minutes and quickly respond with a personal message to these VIP callers.

Beyond the Call

  • Choose from a variety of virtual live service options including:
  • Switching live receptionists to voice mail automatically after hours.
  • Automatically screen calls and optionally connect with a virtual receptionist.
  • Have voice mail sent to e-mail in a wav. file for easy listening.
  • Ability to e-mail temporary call-instructions.
  • Translation to Spanish and Bilingual Spanish-speaking answering services.
  • Track call metrics with customizable reports.
  • Alert virtual receptionists are live and available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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The Alert Communications advantage offers businesses a variety of call answering solutions, including Attorney Answering Services, Call Center Services, Spanish Answering Services and Live Answering Services.

If you are missing calls, stretching your staff thin, and not getting the right people answering your phones with the proper training, do not worry! Let Alert Communications handle all of these details so you can get back to focusing on helping your new clients. To get started, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 844-694-6825.