Receptionists play a critical role in law firms. They are typically the primary points of contact and the gatekeepers within the office, plus they have a number of responsibilities that go beyond answering and routing calls. These may include greeting clients and visitors, handling administrative tasks and maintaining the public areas of the office.

However, legal receptionists may be costing your firm time and money in unexpected ways, especially when it comes to effectively capturing and converting legal leads. Here are a few clear and hidden costs of a legal firm receptionist:

Clear Costs of a Legal Receptionist

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a legal receptionist is $29,844 per year, which may be higher based on location and experience. There are additional costs to consider, including training, employee benefits and other apparent costs firms incur when hiring employees.

Hidden Costs of a Legal Receptionist

A law firm’s ability to capture and convert leads is the driving force behind its success. While it may be perceived that receptionists will handle this role, there are a few things that could hinder their ability to be effective in this area, including multitasking, lack of training, and limited availability. More specifically, most receptionists are only available during normal business hours, they’re responsible for a variety of tasks and they’re less likely to have specialized training in client intake. These obstacles can lead to a poor client intake experience, which impacts the firm’s ability to secure leads, increase revenue and achieve a high marketing ROI.

How Alert Can Help

Alert Communications can fill this role, serving as your firm’s virtual receptionist. This can help you save money and even help increase revenue. We offer a number of services and features that can support you in this area.

We have dedicated and trained intake specialists who already know the legal industry and its terminology, how to use the right tone when communicating with legal clients and how to collect the right information during a call. The team also provides 24/7/365 coverage and bilingual support. The main goal is providing quality answering services for law office while helping our clients capture more leads and converting them into paying clients. Overall, working with a legal intake partner like Alert can increase your revenue and ROI for maximum impact to your bottom line.

Knowing the true costs of a legal receptionist is key when determining whether to hire in-house or outsource the role. Considering Alert Communications as your legal intake partner can boost your confidence going forward, knowing your clients and prospects are getting the service and support they deserve. The best advantage? You save money and increase profitability at the same time.