Recent studies show lawyers and law firms that keep an open relationship with their clients are apt to be successful in the industry. Law firm marketing consultant Bob Weiss supports this “open relationship” theory by reviewing several surveys within the legal field.

Law is a Relationship Business

“The practice of law has always been a relationship business and remains a relationship business despite the growing importance of the Internet,” Weiss says.

People like to be informed, especially when dealing with a lawyer. Keep clients in the know when you receive new awards, join new associations, add new staff to your team, make changes to procedures, etc.

Be Available 

Keeping an open relationship with your clients also means being available whenever they try to make contact. Law firms that are proactive and maintain open communication with clients and colleagues gain trust and are more likely to get a large share of the client’s legal work and referrals. Lawyers can also ultimately charge higher rates for higher quality services.

Try an Attorney Answering Service

Another way to keep an open line of communication in a law firm is by implementing an attorney answering service. Customer service plays a huge role in a lawyer or law firm’s success. A legal receptionist guarantees that callers will reach a live agent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attorney answering services offer the flexibility of creating a custom script to obtain all pertinent caller information and leave little room for miscommunication. By reaching a live person rather than voice mail or an automated service, callers are less likely to hang up and give business to competitors.

Consider an attorney answering service to get leads and increase revenue – don’t let a missed call become a missed opportunity.

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Frances Starr, Director of Sales & Marketing for Alert Communications. Alert Communications provides 24/7 call answering support.