Law firms pour thousands of dollars (along with time and effort) into mass tort campaigns, but still find that their revenues aren’t reflecting their financial goals.

This is because many attorneys overlook the importance of legal intake conversion; instead, they are overly focused on lead generation.

While lead generation is important, capturing and converting leads is where the return on investment happens.

Most attorneys would agree that mass tort campaigns are too expensive to not convert every single lead at the end of the day.

To convert more leads during mass tort campaigns, law firms must have an effective system in place to take leads from initial contact to signed contract—every time.

Here are some best practices regarding mass tort intake.

Dedicate (At Least) One Person to Respond

Lead conversion begins at the moment of first contact with your law firm.

The importance of response time seems like a no-brainer. But more often than not, firms aren’t quick enough when responding to incoming leads.

In the modern law firm, inquiries are coming in via phone, email, text and their website. Juggling web forms, emails, and calls can be overwhelming for most attorneys who are often already focused on a multitude of other tasks.

While hiring additional employees can be a financial burden, the amount of potential clients lost due to lack of responsiveness is also a financial blow.

This is why it’s important to have at least one person at your law firm dedicated to mass tort intake.

You must train them to:

  • Pick up the phone before the third ring if it’s an incoming call (and never rely on voicemail)
  • Instantly outbound call any web form, chat, text, or email inquiries within five minutes
  • Gather basic information: name, phone number, email address, the reason for the call
  • Gather the necessary information to qualify or disqualify leads with a proper intake form
  • Show compassion and empathy
  • Understand essential legal terminology
  • Take the potential client from contact to signed contract by the end of the call
  • Persistently follow-up if needed

The quicker your law firm engages and starts nurturing leads, the quicker you build relationships that lead to conversions—which inevitably lead to more revenue!

If you want to see even greater legal intake conversion for mass tort campaigns, make sure to respond to leads after-hours, on weekends, and holidays. Solely responding inquiries during business hours will cause you to miss out on a huge amount of potential business.

To avoid hiring and training new employees for business and after-hours, outsourcing mass tort contract services is another option. But keep in mind, if you plan to outsource intake and contract services, make sure the service follows the same best practices as your firm. Do your research—not all call centers are created equal.

Get Contracts Signed in the Quickest Way Possible

After your law firm initiates the intake conversion process by responding (and then qualifying) the lead, it’s time to close the deal.

This is the final step. It’s very important to make it efficient and easy for clients to complete.

To ensure the highest conversion rate, your law firm must utilize E-sign (which also stands for electronic signature)—some electronic signature services include DocuSign and HelloSign.

When you have the potential client already on the phone, there’s no better time to get them signed on to your firm. It produces the highest conversion rates by far. This is due to its ease of use, and you already have the client’s attention.

If you wait and continue the process later, the conversion rate drops significantly.

So, you guessed it, “snail mail” is out.

If, for whatever reason, you have to overnight the contract via mail services, make sure to follow up! And keep following up until the retainer is signed.

If you are going to outsource your intake, make sure you find a call center that uses e-sign.

Optimize Legal Intake Conversion for Mass Tort

Lead generation aside for a moment— take a hard look at your law firm’s legal intake conversion system.

Are you throwing money into marketing campaigns instead of focusing on what is happening internally within your firm?

If you can perfect the mass tort intake and conversion process, your lead generation efforts will be worthwhile.

At the end of the day, you will see a huge difference in your ROI.

If you’re thinking about working with a legal contract service to help capture leads during your next mass tort campaign, feel free to contact us